E. points — financial behaviour that pays!

We invite you to start accumulating e. points. Login to Swedbank internet bank, register, and become a participant in e. points accumulation. By making daily financial operations you can earn e. points and exchange them for useful prizes.

From now on, when making a payment with your Swedbank debit or credit card and making paid money transfers through internet bank you will earn e. points that will accumulate in a separate e. points account and you will have a chance to exchange them for useful prizes once a month.

Register through Swedbank internet bank

Register through Swedbank internet bank

Earn e. points for payments with card and internet bank payments

Earn e. points for payments with card and internet bank payments

Exchange them for useful prizes

Exchange them for useful prizes

How to start earning e points?

Login to internet bank, register as a participant of e. points accumulation and start earning e. points. You will start accumulating e. points from the very first financial operation, i.e. after paying by card or transferring any amount of money through internet bank.

How to earn e. points?

Each time when you pay for purchases and services using payment cards and transfer money using internet bank you earn:

Debit card

1 e. point

for EUR 2.90 if you pay with your debit card

Credit card

2 e. points

for EUR 2.90 if you pay with your credit card

Internet bank

3 e. points

for any amount paid through internet bank

Please note that you do not earn points for free money transfers through internet bank, for example, for transfers between your accounts. E. points are not given for the aforementioned payments of self-employed private persons when these payments are made from accounts which are used to perform payments related to self-employment and/or when business debit/business cards (e.g. VISA Business Gold) are used for the payments.
You can use your points for a period of 12 months from the date of becoming an e. points accumulation participant.

Where to choose and how to collect the prize?

E. points are calculated once a month:

  • the e. points you earned in the previous calendar month are added up before the 7th day of the current month;
  • the e. points you earned are transferred to your e. points account by the 10th day of the current month.

For the points earned you may order one prize per calendar month. You can take a look at the prizes available to choose from in Swedbank internet bank, e. points accumulation page. The list of prizes is regularly supplemented and updated.

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