Swedbank Gateway

Swedbank Gateway is a data communications channel between your information system and all Swedbank Baltic banks. You can use the channel if your software supports it or if you develop the required interface for your information system.

The following transactions can be carried out through Swedbank Gateway:

  • Domestic and international payments;
  • Currency exchange;
  • Account balance of one or several accounts;
  • Account statement in given period and regular statement (automatically for previous day);
  • Notifications on incoming and (or) outgoing payments;
  • Exchange rates;
  • Direct debit payment request;
  • Regular report about payer's direct debit agreement changes;
  • E-invoices sending and receiving;
  • POS reports.

Advantages of Swedbank Gateway

The service is particularly useful if the prompt acquisition of information about account payments directly leads to further your company's everyday business processes. Swedbank Gateway is designed to be used for many transactions and was created with the needs of large international companies in mind in particular.

  • Possibility to perform many transactions and receive large amounts of information.
  • It supports fully automated solutions operating real time between the bank and your information system.
  • Simple and user-friendly - you can submit payment orders to the bank directly from your information system.
  • All Swedbank Gateway services can be accessed from your information system both for bank accounts with Swedbank Lithuania, and also with Swedbank Latvia and Swedbank Estonia.
  • Service is compatible with any operating system.
  • It operates 24 hours a day, which means that information is available regardless of what time you are working or need to access it.

Swedbank Gateway is secure

  • The security of information transmission through Swedbank Gateway is ensured using Public Key Infrastructure resources;
  • Communication Certificate is used for identification of your company during access.
  • Transactions Certificate is used for identification of the user if carrying out payment transactions.
  • Possibility to sign payments by one or more users;
  • Possibility to specify the daily and monthly limits for both local and international payment orders, which may not be exceeded by the user;
  • Possibility to specify an additional Transaction authorisation limit for additional security. If the payment order exceeds the limit amount, you will be contacted by the Bank for verbal authorisation to submit such payment order.

How to become a user of Swedbank Gateway?

  • To become a Swedbank Gateway user you need an account with Swedbank. If you do not have one, we will open it for you free of charge.
  • You will have to present documents proving your or your Company's identity.


Before the conclusion of Swedbank Gateway agreement, you need:

  • to purchase Communication Certificate issued by the provider of certification services acceptable to the Bank;
  • if you order to make payments you need to purchase Transaction Certificate issued by the provider of certification services acceptable to the Bank;
  • to submit the application to the bank.

If you want Swedbank Gateway services can be accessed from your information system for bank accounts with Swedbank Latvia and Swedbank Estonia you will need to sign Swedbank Gateway service contracts by those countries.

Your information system must meet the following requirements:

  • ­ An internet connection is available;
  • ­ Install the service on your information system according to the technical requirements established by the Bank;
  • ­ Swedbank Gateway exchange data in XML format.

Providers of certification services acceptable to the Bank:

Communication CertificateTransaction Certificate
AS Sertifitseerimiskeskus V V
State Enterprise Centre of Registers V  
m-ID issued by UAB „Omnitel“   V

Do not hesitate to contact us by phone +370 5 268 44 22, short number 1633 or write us a message.

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