E-invoicing service

E- invoices – what are they?

This is a modern solution whereby a company invoices its customers by electronic means via Swedbank, AB. A company which uses this service provides to the Bank the invoicing details according to which the Bank generates electronic invoices and transmits them to payers to their internet banking systems. The e-invoicing service also covers the collection of e-invoicing applications from the company’s customers.

A decision to use e-invoices is an excellent choice for companies the customers of which are both private and legal persons who use the electronic banking system and who choose an electronic form of invoice instead of a paper-based invoice.

How does it work?

  1. Sign Swedbank e-invoice sending service agreement.
  2. Prepare the e-invoicing data file according to the required standard:
    • E-invoices shall be prepared in .xml format in accordance with technical requirements.
    • A company must ensure the transfer to the Bank of the payer’s details necessary for e-invoicing. The address for sending an e-invoice is the bank account number specified in the payer’s e-invoice application in IBAN format.
  3. Submit e-invoices using Swedbank Internet Bank for Business or Swedbank Gateway service.
  4. E-invoices are provided to the payer in Swedbank Internet Bank.
  5. The payer can choose an automatic or manual payment of e-invoices.

What do you need in order use the e-invoicing service?

  • A bank account with Swedbank, AB;
  • Be a user of Swedbank Internet Bank for Business or Swedbank Gateway service,
    agree with an intermediary (operator) on the service of transmission of e-invoices.
  • Assess whether your accounting system complies with technical requirements applicable to the service.
  • Conclude the e-invoice sending agreement with the Bank.

How to become a user of this service?

Contact Swedbank and find out the possibilities of concluding the e-invoice sending agreement. More information is available by number 1633.

Benefits for your company

Quick and easy way of invoicing

  • If you give up the sending of paper invoices, you will save time and mailing costs and contribute to the protection of the environment.
  • You will prepare the data for e-invoicing in accordance with the rules approved by the Association of Lithuanian Banks and the uniform standard which is available at www.lba.lt.
  • You will submit invoices in a manner convenient for you: using Swedbank Internet Bank for Business, Swedbank Gateway service or involving an intermediary (operator).

You will feel confident

  • Invoices to payers will be issued in convenient environment – Swedbank Internet Bank.
  • You will be able to choose the type of invoice to be received by payers – an ordinary or partial. A partial e-invoice contains the information intended only for making the payment.
  • When a payer pays an e-invoice by a simple payment order the payment form is filled in automatically according to the data indicated in the e-invoice – this way the probability of mistakes is reduced.

Quick and effective collection of funds

  • The possibility to conclude an automatic e-invoice payment agreement will encourage payers to pay in time and to observe payment deadlines.
  • All e-invoices will be presented to the payer in one Swedbank Internet Bank user account – thus facilitating the effective management of cash and payments by the payer.

The number of your regular payers will grow

  • You will reach larger numbers of payers – they will get invoices at the place where payment is convenient for the majority of payers – in Swedbank Internet Bank.

Benefits for your customers

  • Easy to order – you can apply for e-invoicing either with your company or the Bank: in Swedbank Internet Bank, a branch of the Bank or by phone.
  • Reliable – invoices will not be sent to a wrong address, they will not get lost and will be protected from unauthorised access of third parties.
  • Convenient way of receiving invoices from different service providers in one place, revising and paying them at any place and time (where internet access is available).
  • Easy to use Swedbank Internet Bank and to manage e-invoices according to own needs – revise, print, save in a desired format, pay, delete, archive them. E-invoices in Swedbank Internet Bank are retained for 18 months of the day of their submission.
  • Easy to pay – possibility to choose a bank account from which payment will be made, the details of payment order are entered automatically according to the information specified in e-invoice, the payment can be made by payment order or automatically – by concluding an automatic e-invoice payment agreement.
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