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Electronic Invoices

Electronic invoice is the invoice of the company for goods sold or services provided to the company's customers sent by the company by electronic means via "Swedbank". The company choosing the service of electronic invoices offered by "Swedbank" furnishes to the Bank the invoice data on the basis of which the Bank generates electronic invoices and forwards them to the payers to their existing internet banking systems.

This is a more convenient, cheaper and quicker way to deliver the invoices. The Company's customers will be able to receive and pay invoices for services rendered to tem using the system of electronic banking.

The solution to use e-invoices is an excellent choice for the companies that service both, private and legal persons who use at least one e-banking system and prefer electronic invoice to paper-based invoice.

Advantages of using this service for Your Company

  • Quicker collection of payments for rendered services through:
    • quicker and safer delivery of invoices to the payers;
    • better control over receipt of the invoice by the addressee;
    • avoidance of risks that the invoice sent by post will be lost and not paid;
    • popular delivery environment - environment of the internet bank and other electronic systems available at the Bank;
    • possibility to determine the invoice payment functionality and generated automatic payment order encouraging users to make settlement as soon as possible.
  • Lower labour costs, time consumption and expenses of sending invoices by post. Furthermore, giving up the sending of paper-based invoices you will contribute to the preservation of the environment.
  • You will be able to send invoices to a really large number of users because payers are intensively choosing internet bank solutions offered by "Swedbank". At present "Swedbank" services 1.27 million private and 40 thousand corporate customers.
  • Functional - you will be able to select the type of invoice, i.e. only information or also payment. And while choosing the payment you will also have the possibility to select the method of payment of the invoice, i.e. by payment order or payment with the payment code.
  • Elimination of probability of mistake because payments order details are entered automatically on the basis of information from e-invoice.
  • Convenient - any channel may be used for sending e-invoice data to the Bank: "Swedbank" internet bank for business, E-banking programme, "Swedbank Gateway", e-mail.
  • The service of electronic invoices also covers the submission of agreements of the company's customers for receiving e-invoices. These agreements may be submitted via "Swedbank" internet bank or directly to the sender of the invoice.
  • Secure - security of information contained in communicated e-invoices is guaranteed by the Bank using e-signature, encoding and other data protection technologies.

Advantages of using this service for Your Customers

  • Easy to order - the agreement to receive e-invoices may be submitted via "Swedbank" internet bank [activate the link] in the column: "Daily services" > "E-invoices" > "Order e-invoice" (for private persons) and "Swedbank" internet bank for business [activate the link]in the column "Daily services" > "E-invoices" > "Order e-invoice" (for legal persons) or directly to the sender of the invoice.
  • Reliable - invoices will be sent to the right address and will not be lost.
  • Confidential - invoices cannot be viewed by third persons.
  • Convenient to receive invoices from different service providers in one package and to view and pay them at any place and time (where internet connection is available).
  • Easy to use - the use of both "Swedbank" internet bank and other solutions of e-channels as well as the service of receipt and payment of e-invoices via internet bank is easy.
  • Easy to manage e-invoices for own needs - to view, print, save in required format, pay by way of a simple payment order or payment with the payment code, delete, archive. Previous invoices (invoice history, classification of invoices by service provider, payment, review) are also available for viewing at any time.
  • Easy to pay - payment order details are entered automatically on the basis of data from e-invoice.
  • Possibility of choosing bank account from which payment will be made.

What do you need for sending electronic invoices?

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