For your easy start of owning business!

  • Service Plan Business for daily banking.
  • Services for successful development of trading.
  • Financing of new businesses.
  • Advertise your own business for free in the project "Everyone Can Be Big" ("Kiekvienas gali būti didelis").


Service Plan Business for Daily Company Needs

Manage your company’s finances easily and safely with the special Service Plan Business – a set of the most popular daily bank services for new companies for free.

  • The minimum fee of 0 EUR for daily services.
  • Contactless business debit card MasterCard.
  • Unlimited money transfers in euros in Lithuania and EEA countries through electronic channels.
  • PIN code generator.
For an easy start of a business: if your company was registered in the Register of Legal Entities less than 12 months ago, order Service Plan Business free of charge and avail of its benefits for 12 months from the date of ordering.
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Important! Service Plan Business for a new business can be ordered solely by Swedbank clients. If you do not have an account in our bank, visit the closest Swedbank office. You will be able to open an account here and order Service Plan Business. To arrange a meeting with a bank specialist in the desired office call 1633 or fill in the inquiry form on-line.

Services for successful commerce

One of the key aspects in the beginning of a new business is successful customer services. To make it convenient for your clients to make payments anywhere (no matter where your point of sale is), select one of our special offers that suits you best:


Smart terminal

Smart terminal, which is best for small business or entrepreneurs that start developing their own activity with business certificates, self-employment certificates, also for those who do not have a fixed point of service provision as well as for movable seasonal or irregular trade.

One-off fee for the acquisition of a smart card reader – EUR 104 (excl. VAT).

Once you acquire this device, it becomes your property and you will no longer have to pay monthly rent.

  • Acceptance of settlements by any bank card – 1.49 % + Eur 0.01*

* Specified commission fees to be detailed when signing an agreement according to a detailed segmentation of card groups as required by the existing legislation (this segmentation has no effect on the amount of a commission fee).

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Bank rented terminals*

Solutions adapted for payments by card to companies of different size and operating in a vast majority of fields. Select the one that is best for your business.

Special offer for new companies:

  • No rent for a terminal for the first 6 months!
  • A commission fee is charged per every single payment**:
    • Payment card issued by Swedbank, AB – 0.85 % + Eur 0.01;
    • Payment card issued by any other bank – 0.99 % + Eur 0.01.

* Stationary and portable card terminals, except for a smart card terminal.

** Specified commission fees to be detailed when signing an agreement according to a detailed segmentation of card groups as required by the existing legislation (this segmentation has no effect on the amount of a commission fee).

The offer is valid until 30-06-2017.

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E-commerce service Bank link

Bank link will facilitate daily life of your company and your clients because you will receive the money for goods and services as soon as it is paid. And your clients will be able to pay on-line in an easy and convenient manner.

  • No one-off registration fee!
  • No monthly fee!
  • Fee for transactions via the Bank link system – 2 % (max Eur 2.03, min Eur 0.09).

It does not matter how big your business is: whether it is a start-up, a small enterprise or a big company, we will help you more in the local and international market. Discover our e-commerce solutions. We also consult on how to start the e-shop incorporation process and provide Guidelines for online store incorporation.

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Financing New Businesses

It is easy to make your business grow when you have a reliable partner and adviser. We have developed a number of different financing solutions for new and small enterprises offering favourable conditions. Find out more about our offers here.

Project for small business "Everyone Can Be Big"

Join the project designed to promote Lithuania’s small businesses „Everyone Can Be Big (Kiekvienas gali būti didelis) and:

  • Increase the number of your customers;
  • Advertise your business free of charge;
  • Gain knowledge in free online seminars;
  • Register to participate in the project and become a growing business!

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