Management of free funds

A company’s business development can be helped not only by the increased borrowing. A company can employ its funds more efficiently if it finds a most suitable assets management solution. This in mind, we offer some solutions how to employ free money and use corporate financial resources more efficiently.

Term deposit. Placing funds on a term deposit means a risk-free employment of free funds. Interest rates are standard. Term deposit agreement can be drawn up via the Bank’s internet banking facility created for business customers. For depositing funds in term deposit, Swedbank accepts the following currencies: Euro and U.S. Dollar.

Overnight deposit. Funds are transferred to a deposit account every night and returned, together with the accrued interest, to a bank account before 8 o’clock in the morning. Interest rates are higher and dependent upon sizes of funds deposited. Interest rates are calculated by subtracting the Bank’s margin from a base rate (e.g. EURIBOR): such an operation is conducted separately for each currency-denominated deposit on a daily basis. Every morning, the amount of funds deposited overnight and the interest accrued are transferred to a bank account indicated in an overnight deposit agreement.

Investment deposit. It is a relatively new, safe and profitable savings and investment solution. It offers a possibility of earning interest much higher than that earned on a term deposit. Interest rates on investment deposits are dependent upon fluctuations of value/prices of financial assets (shares, share indices, share funds) to which concrete investment deposits are linked to.

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