Operations with cash

Services Charges, EUR
1. Depositing of cash at ATMs of Swedbank, AB Ref. “Payment cards fees”
2. Depositing of cash at the Bank office:
2.1. in banknotes to one’s own bank account* 0.1% of the sum paid; min EUR 3
2.2. in EUR to another customer’s bank account 0.3% of the sum paid; min EUR 3
2.3. in EUR-denominated coins** 4.5% of the sum paid; min EUR 3
3. Withdrawal of cash at ATMs Ref. “Credit cards fees”
4. Withdrawal of cash from one’s bank account over-the-counter at the Bank office***
4.1. Cash withdrawal from account (exept in cases specified in Items 4.2. and 4.3.) Note: no fee is charged in the event if the balance of account denominated in EUR and worth less than EUR 2.32 is paid out to the customer following the closing of the bank account in question. 1% of the sum; min EUR 3
4.2. Withdrawal of cash from a deposit-servicing account when the deposit in question had been placed in cash
Note: no fee is charged when cash is withdrawn from a bank account opened with the Bank before 1 December 2001 and the sum is returned to the account upon the expiry of the maturity of the deposit in question.
Free of charge
5. A fee for the cancellation of an advance order of cash or because of a post- due taking-out of cash
Note: the customer is supposed to order cash against a written confirmation. In branches, sizes of sums to be ordered and periods thereof must be set by the Branch Managers.
0.2% of the cancelled sum;
max EUR 289.62
6. A fee for buying/selling currency in cash over-the-counter at the Bank office
Note: when a customer sells or buys currency worth in EUR 2,500 equivalent, the Bank may apply an individual currency exchange rate that is lower than the standard rate.
EUR 1.5
7. Exchange of cash into other denominations of the same currency**** 4.5% of the sum paid; min EUR 3
8. Exchange of worn-out banknotes
8.1. EUR-denominated banknotes Free of charge
8.2. FX banknotes (when agreed beforehand with a Bank office) 5% of the face value
9. Re-counting of banknotes without carrying out other bank operations EUR 0.03 for a banknote
10. Checking of banknotes without carrying out other bank operations EUR 0.03 for a banknote
11. Administration of collected EUR-denominated coins***** 0.6 % of the amount

*The fee does not apply when the payment order to transfer deposited cash to one’s own account in another bank or to another customer’s account in any other bank is presented at once.

**The fee does not apply when the sum does not exceed EUR 5.

***Cash is paid out in national and foreign currency banknotes and national currency coins. Where a partial payout in FX coins is impossible, the payable sum is converted into EUR.

**** The fee does not apply for the exchange of EUR-denominated coins when the sum does not exceed EUR 5.

***** The fee is applicable to customers whose cash is delivered to the bank using collection services provided by third parties.

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