E-services make life easier

We try to make your visits to the bank, adapting to our working hours, as rare as possible; therefore, we provide e-services which will help you conveniently and easily manage your financial issues through a computer, fixed telephone, cell phone or smartphone. What could be more convenient?

Electronic service channels and e-services for your convenience

Internet bank for business

Internet Banking solution for business customers willing to conduct bank various bank operations. Its opens new possibilities for handy and reliable management of companies' assets from a convenient place and at suitable time.

Mobile app for Business

Manage your daily finance with Swedbank mobile app for business whenever it is convenient for you, here and now.

"Swedbank Gateway"

This is a data communications channel between your information system and all Swedbank Baltic banks. It allows you to use accounts in different banks at the same time, with the message formats being the same for all banks. You can use the channel if your software supports it or if you develop the required interface for your information system.


This is an Internet-based environment for trading and optimising financial risks, which focus on fast and convenient delivery to financial professionals of information needed in their daily business operations via a new electronic trading platform.

Notification center (Mobile bank)

This is an opportunity at any time to receive SMS by cellular phone precise information on the account balance, operations and foreign exchange rates. This service is available internationally in any GSM communication zone.
More call 1633


Find the nearest ATM where you can deposit cash into your account or withdraw cash (in euros).

Self-service areas

Manage your daily banking needs in „Swedbank“ self-service areas, open 24/7.



Do you want to find out more?

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Kasdienius finansus tvarkykite greitai ir patogiai tiesiog atsisiuntę išmaniąją „Swedbank“ programėlę.

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