The history of the Hansabank group dates back to 1991, when Hansabank started operating as a branch of Tartu Kommertspank (Tartu Commercial Bank). Officially Hansapank launched independent operations on 10 January 1992.

In 1995 Hansabank also opened a representation in the capital of neighbouring Latvia, Riga.

In 1996, Hansabank established its presence in Lithuania, by establishing Hansa Leasing Lithuania. In July 1999, Hansabankas opened its doors to the clients in Vilnius. The negotiations between Hansabank and the Lithuanian State Property Fund that had started in 2000 were finalised in the second half of 2001 and on 23 April 2001 an agreement on purchasing 90.7 per cent of Lietuvos Taupomasis Bankas (LTB) was concluded between Hansabank and the fund. LTB was reorganised, merged with Hansabankas, new name Hansa-LTB introduced. In 2003 the name was changed to Hansabankas.

In 2005 Swedbank made a buy-out offer to the minority shareholders and Hansabank became a fully-owned subsidiary of Swedbank Group and the part of the biggest financial institution in Nordic and Baltic region.

Swedbank is a new name of Hansabankas. In autumn of 2008 Hansabankas, together with the banks in Latvia and Estonia, became the name change process. Since March 17th, 2009, AB bankas Hansabankas in Lithuania continues in operation under the new legal name of Swedbank, AB. Together with the bank the names of its subsidiaries have also been changed.

Latvian and Estonian banks belonging to the same Swedbank Group also change their legal names and from now on they will be designated as Swedbank AS - in Estonia and Swedbank AS - in Latvia.

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