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Swedbank is a modern bank firmly rooted in Swedish savings bank history. We are an inclusive bank with approximately 7.3 million private customers and 650 000 corporate customers.

This makes us Sweden’s largest bank in terms of number of customers and gives us a leading position in our other home markets of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. As a major bank, we are a significant part of the financial system and play an important role in the local communities we serve. We are dedicated to helping our customers, our shareholders and society as a whole stay financially sound and sustainable.

We work hard to develop close, long-term relationships with our customers. Swedbank therefore has an extensive retail network and well-developed telephone, internet and mobile services.

Our customers should always feel secure that the advice we give is in their best interests, and is not based solely on our products. When we develop products and services, the goal is to create something that will benefit customers in the long run – and us as well.

Swedbank employees uphold the bank’s values of being simple, open and caring. On a daily basis this means, among other things, that our services and advice must be understandable to everyone and that we keep our promises. Swedbank shall have a robust balance sheet that can withstand economic fluctuations. Evaluating and managing risks is part of what we do every day. We achieve a solid risk spread by having a broad customer base of private individuals and companies in many different industries and through a sustainable balance between deposits and lending in our home markets.

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Our history is important. Our history is also a natural part of our future. Read more about our history.
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