Marianne Nilsson acting CEO of Swedbank Robur

2012-05-24 Back

Swedbank Robur’s CEO Thomas Eriksson has decided to leave the company to become the new CEO of Carnegie. The Board has appointed Marianne Nilsson, Swedbank Robur’s deputy CEO, as acting CEO.

“Thomas Eriksson joined Swedbank Robur two years ago and has been a driving force regarding the changes that the company is currently undergoing. He has improved returns, reviewed the fund offerings and brought Swedbank Robur closer to the bank”, said Catrin Fransson, Swedbank Robur Chair.

“We are sorry that Thomas is leaving us, but at the same time we do understand the attraction of his new position”, she continued.

Marianne Nilsson is deputy CEO and responsible for ownership issues at Swedbank Robur. She has been at Swedbank Robur since 1987, working with a broad range of asset management and corporate governance issues.

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