If you have something to cherish, you have something to insure

Insure your life, home, car or travel.

Choose an insurance policy that suits you:

Choose life insurance, if:

  • You’ve got close ones, who depend on your income;
  • You do not have financial reserve for coping with unexpected situations;
  • You’ve got loan commitments.

-10% on internet bank

Choose home insurance and:

  • your real estate will be completely restored in case of unexpected event;
  • your personal belongings will be protected inside property and outside in Lithuania;
  • get protection if you make unintentional damage to your neighbours.

Choose Casco Insurance and:

  • your car will be insured on and off the road;
  • 24h roadside assistance anywhere in Europe will be available;
  • you, your passengers and also belongings in the car will be insured when choosing Elite Casco.

Choose travel insurance and:

  • You get 500 000 € medical assistance insurance covers for medical care and transport expenses;
  • Your personal belongings will be protected during whole journey;
  • Covid-19 insurance cover will automatically be valid if the preconditions are met.