Important! As the state of emergency remains valid in the country, we currently serve only pre-registered customers in the bank’s branches. Book a consultation

Keep your ID tools secure: memorize codes, do not write them anywhere and do not tell anyone about them. Always use screen lock. If you’ve lost your ID tool or your smartphone or of you’ve encountered any suspicious activity in your bank account, notify us immediately by phone 1663. Look through full security recommendations when using bank services.

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  • What is the most convenient way to handle my banking errands?
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  • How can I make sure my business is running smoothly online?
  • How can I apply for the grace period?
What‘s on your mind?

Open account for your company remotely.

With a company bank account in Swedbank you can obtain bank financing, invest free funds and use other services for business.

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Your Biometrics – a password you don’t need to remember

Log in and confirm payments by using unique and particularly safe data – your fingerprint or face-ID.

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Business encouragement measures

Apply for a preferencial loan or a portfolio guarantee if you have faced shortage of a working capital during quarantine.

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