Rent of safe-deposit boxes

Rent of individual safe-deposit boxes is a safe way for keeping of valuables.

Swedbank takes care of the safety of your property and offers renting individual safe-deposit boxes under favourable conditions.

What items can be conveniently kept in a safe-deposit box?
  • Securities
  • Equity and other documents
  • Jewellery
  • Insurance policies
  • Rare postage stamps or coins
  • Works of art
  • Spare home or car keys
  • Cash when due to different reasons you don’t want to have a bank account
  • Other items or documents important for you
The Bank guarantees for users of individual safe-deposit boxes:
  • Reliable protection – safe-deposit boxes are installed in the vault of individual safe-deposit boxes in the premises of the Bank. A safe-deposit box can be opened by a customer with his key;
  • Confidentiality – in the room near the vault of safe-deposit boxes a customer can check or supplement the content of the safe-deposit box without interference;
  • Flexible rental fees of safe-deposit boxes – they depend on the size of the selected safe-deposit box and rental term.