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Share your kindness with others!

There are many excellent ideas and initiatives that are waiting for some help from all of us. In cooperation with the first donation portal in Lithuania we introduce different social projects in “Swedbank" internet bank column “Donation environment”, seeking to create conditions for simple and safe donation in the internet bank.

Learn about the projects, share your kindness and contribute to making meaningful initiatives happen. Donate now and show that you care!

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How to donate: you will see the button “Donate” next to the description of each project. Click on this button to open the completed payment form where you will have to enter the donated amount and finish the payment transaction in usual manner. You will not be charged any fee for this payment order. If you prefer donating anonymously or want to get the project report by email, notify to the effect

Donate Lunch to a Child!

In Maltese Children’s Day Care Centres children not only feel safe, develop and improve their social skills learning how to be more independent but also are fully engaged in after-school activities that help to keep them out of the streets. Most children come to the Maltese Day Care Centres simply to eat because there is no food at home.

Currently, 5 Centres with 112 children are seriously lacking funding for food.

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Dignity Home for Dignified Age

Almost half of Lithuanian seniors live in their homes alone and in great necessity. Most of their income, especially during the heating season, is spent on maintenance of their non-economical dwellings. Therefore, we invite seniors to rent their old dwellings and move to new apartments, namely, apartments set up for them at Orūs namai.

The income from rent will fully cover the cost of living in them, so the retirement pensions will remain for other seniors’ needs.

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A Child Who is Listened to is a Happy Child

Vaikų linija is an Emotional Support Service for children and teenagers, which has already been operating for 20 years. In 2016, Vaikų linija responded to 154,395 phone calls of children and teenagers, as well as answered 1,348 emails online.

In 2016, Vaikų linija, klausau heard one of the four children who called to talk.

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Social Taxi - Freedom to Move

Social Taxi is the only alternative social innovation in Lithuania, which allows people with disabilities to be more mobile and independent in planning their daily activities.

Demand for Social Taxi services is growing every day, the number of people with disabilities who want to use the service is increasing, therefore, a technically adapted car is required, the acquisition of which would change the lives of many people with disabilities.

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Let’s Build SOS Hope Apartments

Many ill, disabled and old animals find their homes and even live their whole life in SOS gyvūnai VšĮ shelter. These animals are in need for warm and well-fitted place to live, which can not yet be provided by SOS gyvūnai.

To make the lives of these animals brighter and more pleasant, we are seeking our dream and starting the construction of a new shelter called SOS Hope Apartments.

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Free-of-Charge Legal Aid in Lithuanian Regions

For many people in Lithuanian regions free-of-charge legal aid is not available. We are implementing a significant project to reach people in regions, who are particularly exposed to situations of violence in the immediate surroundings, are forced to deal with an exploitation at work because of fear to lose their jobs, or are single mothers seeking to receive alimony for their children from the emigrated fathers.

During the project, we will open more than 100 legal aid access points in regional libraries, schools and elderships.

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Start to use biometrics – fingerprint or facial recognition is the most convenient way for your business to log in to the mobile app and authenticate your actions in digital banking environment.

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