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Access your Internet Bank and the app for business with one hand

We would like to introduce “Smart-ID” – a new-generation tool for logging in to Swedbank internet bank and app. With “Smart-ID”, the login process is:

  • more convenient: all you need is a smartphone;
  • faster: no need to enter codes from the code cards or PIN code generators;
  • free of charge: “Smart-ID” will cost no extra charges for you.

Start using “Smart-ID” today!

Smart-ID for iOS    Smart-ID for Android

Further information about “Smart-ID”

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Code card

Code generator

Mobile signature
E-signature on an ID card/State Enterprise Centre of Registers USB flash drive
Daily limits on transfers for each bank account, per each user
You have current account limit set until 18.10.2018. Amendments shall not be valid for persons under 18 years of age, or additional users of your bank account (for example, your family members).
According to your choice Up to EUR 100
From 18 April – EUR 50
From 23 May – EUR 30
According to your choice According to your choice According to your choice
Signing agreements on internet bank All Exceptions apply Exceptions apply All All
Using the app -
Using abroad May not be available in certain countries Available in any country, but only in a computer with the necessary software installed
Price 0.00 EUR

Issuing – free (not issued since 01.07.2018)

Replacement – EUR 1,45 (not replaced since 01.08.2018)

Issuing – 8,69 EUR.

Replacement – 8,69 EUR

According to the rates of your mobile network operator According to the rates applied by the institution issuing the logon tool
Where to buy

Free download

Smart-ID for iOS

Smart-ID for Android

In a bank branch

- In a bank branch At your mobile network operator’s office Identity card;


About Smart-ID

This is a next-generation method that you can use to conveniently and quickly log in to Swedbank’s online banking and mobile banking app, confirm bank transfers and other transactions, and sign contracts without a code card or code generator.

How does it work?

“Smart-ID” is an electronic signature, which has two levels – “Smart-ID” and “Smart-ID basic”. If you create a “Smart-ID” account by using a code card or a code generator, a “Smart-ID basic” account will be created for you. If you create a “Smart-ID” account in a subdivision of the bank or by using your M-signature, your account will be of the “Smart-ID” level.

Why is it worth using?

  • You can create your Smart-ID account on any smart device: telephone, tablet or both.
  • You can use Smart-ID to log in to Swedbank’s online banking and mobile banking app. In other words, you can use it the same way you’re using a Swedbank code card or code generator now.
  • You don’t have to be a mobile subscriber to use Smart-ID. Smart-ID will work anywhere that there is a wireless (Wi-Fi) and/or mobile broadband connection

Easy, simple and free


Download the Smart-ID app from Google play or App store.

Create an account

Create a Smart-ID account using the identification method of your choice.

Log in

When logging in to online banking or other electronic services, select the Smart-ID login option.


Enjoy Smart-ID: fast and convenient. All you need is internet access – Wi-Fi or mobile broadband both work.


About developer of the Smart-ID app

Swedbank’s long-standing cooperation partner across the Baltics and the developer of the Smart-ID is Estonian company SK ID Solution AS. It has a solid 15 years track of experience as a certification services provider who also issues secure electronic signatures.

More about SK ID Solution AS:

Smart-ID support:


Any questions about Smart-ID?


Smart-ID and smart devices

  • What devices are eligible for Smart-ID?

  • Can I have Smart-ID in different devices?

  • If Smart-ID is used in two devices, do the same PIN codes have to be used?

  • If I use Smart-ID in different devices, which one will ask for my PIN code, if I connect to e-banking with Smart-ID?

  • Can different people register their Smart-ID accounts in one device?

  • Does Smart-ID necessarily have to be in the device I use to connect to the bank?

Account registration and validity

  • Who can use Smart-ID?

  • How long can I use my Smart-ID account?

  • I created my Smart-ID account while using other identification tools issued by another bank. How can I connect to Swedbank with my Smart-ID?

  • How can I remove Smart-ID account?

  • I have bought a new smartphone, but my “Smart-ID” app remained in my old phone. What should I do?

  • I created a Smart-ID account. Are other identification tools provided to me by Swedbank still valid?

Using Smart-ID

  • Where can I use Smart-ID?

  • What are the amounts of payments that can be confirmed using Smart-ID?

  • How much does it cost to use Smart-ID?

  • Does Smart-ID operate abroad?

  • Is it necessary to have SIM card to use Smart-ID?

PIN codes

  • I entered incorrect PIN code. How many trials do I have?

  • What should I do, if I forget Smart-ID PIN codes?

  • Whom should I address, if there is any interference while using Smart-ID?

The advantages of Smart-ID in comparison to other forms of identification

  • I already have a code card. Why should I choose “Smart-ID”?

  • I already have a PIN code generator. Why should I choose “Smart-ID”?

  • How is Smart-ID different from mobile-ID?


  • What steps should be taken when the device with Smart-ID account is lost?

  • Is it safe to install Smart-ID in a device which is not personal (e.g., in a tablet used by the whole family)?

  • How is the safety of using Smart-ID ensured?

Do you have doubts about safety? Inform us!

Call us 24/7, by 1884 for private clients (calling from abroad +370 5 268 4444) or by 1633 for business clients (calling from abroad +370 5 268 4422) if:

  • you noticed any suspicious transactions on your account;
  • you suspect that your internet bank became accessible to unauthorised persons;
  • you encountered fraudsters trying to obtain your login details or misappropriate your money.

Warnings about increased number of frauds are published on Swedbank “Žinių terasa” and on the internet bank login window. Having notice any suspicious transactions on your account, we can contact you personally. But remember that bank employees calling you will never ask for your login details, passwords, PIN codes or any other confidential information. Bank employees can ask you for certain login details only if you yourself call by the above-mentioned bank numbers and for the purpose of person's identification only.