Securities account

Securities account

Securities account is an account used for safekeeping securities and performing different transactions: purchase, sell, pledge and other securities-related operations in the Lithuanian and foreign securities markets.

Possibilities and advantages

Once you open a securities account with Swedbank, you will be able to:

  • Buy or sell securities online, by phone or at the bank’s office;
  • Invest free funds in securities of different level of yield and risk;
  • Hold all publicly available Lithuanian and foreign securities;
  • Receive statements of securities account and notifications about the corporate events related to the owned securities;
  • Receive dividends, interest and other income from securities credited to the account specified in the agreement;
  • Receive an information about a possibility to relief or reclaim taxes paid to foreign countries;
  • Authorise the bank to represent you (or a group of customers) in shareholders’ meetings and to vote according to the forehand customers’ instructions on all issues on the agenda of the shareholders’ meeting.

Swedbank will ensure:

  • Proper and reliable settlement for your trades;
  • Confidentiality and security of information about your securities account.

How to open a securities account

  • Find the nearest Swedbank customer service office where a bank employee will help you fill in all the required forms and documents and will open a securities account for you.
  • To open a securities account, you will need a bank account with Swedbank. If you do not have one, a bank account will be opened for you.

Documents required for the opening of a securities account

  • A copy of the company’s registration certificate.
  • A copy of Articles of Association.
  • Decision on the Appointment (Election) of the Head of the Company.
  • Authorisations (power of attorney) of persons to make deals according to the signed agreements.
  • Personal documents of representatives who will sign the agreement and make deals on the basis of such agreement.