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Deposits – safe and flexible method of investment

You can choose a method for saving and investing money best suited to your needs and expectations. Saving methods to be chosen by you depend upon your needs and the term of savings.

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Due to negative interest rates applied by the European Central Bank to deposits, the bank does not currently accept any type of fixed-term deposits in euro from legal entities
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We recommend

Savings deposit

To save money for a monetary reserve.

Term e-deposit

Easy and safe way of keeping accumulated funds.

Time regular deposit

For those who want to maintain the accumulated monetary reserve and receive accruing interest on a monthly basis.

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Characteristics You can increase the deposit amount periodically or when you have free funds.
Where appropriate, once in 3 months you can withdraw up to 50% of the deposit amount without losing interest (minimum deposit amount should be felt in the deposit account).
Interest is paid in the end of the agreement term.
Interest is paid in the end of the agreement term. Deposit interest is paid monthly to the bank account chosen by you.
Maturity from 3 months up to 1 year From 1 week up to 5 years. from 1 month up to 5 years
Minimum amount in Internet bank  EUR5, USD 150 EUR 140, USD 150, GBP 150, NOK 1500, SEK 1500 EUR 140, USD 150
Automatic extension You can choose automatic extension of agreement at deposit maturity.

Information about the insurance of deposits and liabilities to investors is available here.

Interest Deposit interest depends upon chosen maturity
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