Account opening in foreign banks

Opening an account and services in foreign banks

This is opening of an account upon the client’s request with a bank of Swedbank group through Swedbank, AB.

This service is designated for clients that have an account with Swedbank, AB and want to open an account with a Swedbank group bank or another foreign bank*.

* Accounts can be opened only in those banks Swedbank, AB has effective cooperation agreements with. An account can be opened by legal entities both registered and non-registered in the Republic of Lithuania.

Why is it useful?

  • There is no need to go to another country – it saves you time and travel-related costs;
  • More convenient filling out of documents – all documents are filled out in one place.

The client can manage an account opened with a foreign bank through Swedbank, AB:

  • By making payments and ordering account statements from the foreign bank through SWIFT;
  • Depending on the terms and conditions of the foreign bank, the client can use bank cards, electronic banking, group account management, liquidity management, and other services.

For more information on banks that are Swedbank's partners in foreign countries, please contact your wholesale banking manager or write to e-mail address

Opening of an account and rendering of services through a foreign bank

Legal entities from almost all European countries can open an account with Swedbank, AB.

For the purpose of servicing international clients, the bank has established cooperation with several foreign banks.

It is possible to open an account through Swedbank, AB partner banks located in the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark.

As from 2008, Swedbank is a full member of UniCash, providing clients of UniCash banks with account opening and managing services. Through UniCash legal entities from Austria, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Poland, Portugal, France, Germany and Great Britain can open an account with Swedbank, AB.

We render the following services of managing an account with Swedbank, AB through a foreign bank:

  • Opening of a current account: domestic and international settlements, payment collection.
  • Electronic banking: Internet bank, integrated software program.
  • Account management through SWIFT: receipt of account statements through SWIFT MT940, forwarding payments through SWIFT MT10.
  • Liquidity management: group account, securities account, deposits, corporate client support in English.

To open an account with Swedbank, AB, please contact our partner bank in your home country. Further information on our partner banks can be obtained by writing to