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Balance your operating cashflow, while waiting payments for issued invoices

  • Immediate improvement of cashflow.
  • “Swedbank lizingas” collects and monitors payments from buyers.
  • The financed invoices serve as the collateral.

Factoring service provided by “Swedbank lizingas”, UAB.

Information about potential risks

If the buyer fails to pay under the transferred claim, the seller is obliged to discharge such liability in full (in case of factoring with the right of recourse) or in part. Please read the terms and conditions of a factoring agreement carefully: the seller‘s liability to pay to the factoring company arises also in other cases stipulated in the agreement (e. g. breach of the duty to inform; disputes with the buyer over goods supplied or services provided). Improper fulfilment of financial obligations increase your financing costs and can have a negative impact on your credit history; if the agreement is terminated due to a material breach on your part, forced recovery of the debt may be initiated.

Factoring calculator

  • 00.00

The calculation is approximate and it is not a commitment to provide financing.

  1. Make the delivery and issue an invoice to the buyer.
  2. Send the signed invoices to the "Swedbank lizingas".
  3. Get financing from the "Swedbank lizingas" in the amount of up to 90% of the invoice total.
  4. The buyer pays 100% of the invoice to the specified "Swedbank lizingas" account.
  5. "Swedbank lizingas" will pay you the remaining part of the invoice.
  • Instant use of working capital for other purposes.
  • Opportunity to offer better payment terms to your buyers.
  • Possibility to use credit insurance to cover buyer insolvency risk.
  • Factoring reports in Internet bank provide an overview of transactions and simplify accounting.
  • Apply for changes in your existing factoring agreement digitally.
  • Financing purpose – for recurring transactions.
  • Factoring limit – from EUR 35 000.
  • Invoice due date – up to 120 days.
  • Buyer’s country – worldwide.
  • Price - agreement fee, commission fee and interest as agreed.
  1. Fill out the application and we will contact you within 2 business days.
  2. After the positive decision sign the factoring agreement digitally or at a branch.
  3. Issue invoices to the buyer with an assignment note.
  4. Send the signed invoices and the summary list (or other documents requested in the agreement) to the "Swedbank lizingas".
  5. You will receive up to 90% of the invoice amount in your company’s account within 5 business days.
  6. Once the buyer has paid the invoice fully to the specified "Swedbank lizingas" account, you will receive the remaining amount.
  • Goods and services on the invoice have been delivered.
  • Buyer and seller must not be related companies.
  • Claims underlying the invoice may not be pledged or transferred to third parties.
  • Seller and buyer should not have any counterclaims that would enable to clear the invoice.
  • The invoice has a fixed due date.
  • Buyer has had no significant payment delays.
  • Not available for invoices covering construction works.
We may request your company’s last annual financial report, if it has not been submitted to the Center of Registers. The balance sheet and income statement submitted may not be older than 12 months. We may also ask to see sales contracts, orders or other documents related to your cooperation with the buyers.
Fee Price, EUR (plus VAT)
Contract Fee
Calculated on the limit amount in the following cases: Conclusion of the Factoring Agreement, the Cession Agreement, the Cooperation Agreement (in case of reverse factoring) or the Warehouse Financing Agreement; renewal of the agreement; or increasing the factoring limit. Where the limit is up to EUR 300,000 - from 0.4 %, min. EUR 150;
Where the limit is from EUR 300,001 until EUR 1,500,000 – from 0.2 %;
Where the limit is from EUR 1,500,001 - from 0.1 %.
Contract Amendment Fee
Applicable in all cases where the Contract Fee on the limit amount does not apply including but not limited to:
- Amendment to the Factoring Agreement, the Cession Agreement, the Cooperation Agreement (in case of reverse factoring) or the Warehouse Financing Agreement (changing the term of payment, advance payment amount, commission amount or other financing terms);
- Changing the buyers‘ limits or the sellers’ limits (in case of reverse factoring); renewal of the seller‘s limit and/or the buyers‘ limits;
- Amendments to the general terms and conditions of the Factoring Agreement, the Cession Agreement, the Cooperation Agreement (in case of reverse factoring) or the Warehouse Financing Agreement.
EUR 75
Minimum Commission
Payable on each invoice submitted to the Factor if the actual commission on the invoice, determined as a percentage of the invoiced amount, is smaller than the EUR 3
Customer Evaluation Fee
Applied for the evaluation of each buyer when the Factor provides insurance cover for the buyers’ solvency. EUR 50
Fee for Issuing Copies of Documents
A copy of the Agreement with Annexes EUR 10
Copies of factoring reports, tax invoices or other documents EUR 2 per page
Tax invoices and reports are provided in Swedbank Online Banking System for Business free of charge during 1 month after the date of generation of the invoice/report.
Fee for Issuing Certificates
Certificate for audit and various other certificates EUR 25

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