Invoice Financing

Even a recently issued invoice can finance your business!

Keep your business running even if the money for an invoice you expect later.

  • Fast financing acquisition process
  • No long-term agreements
  • Set up financing only via Internet Banking

General financing conditions

Total amount of invoices* from 1.000 EUR up to 100.000 EUR
Right of recourse with recourse (the seller is responsible for the buyer‘s solvency)
Advance rate** 90% of the invoice amount with VAT
Payment term up to 90 days
Interest fee 1% per month (12% yearly) from the paid advance amount
  • Total amount of invoices of maximum 100.000 EUR is available if the documents are signed with mobile signature or e-signature with personal identity card;
  • Total amount of invoices of maximum 10.000 EUR is available if the documents are signed with a PIN code generator;
  • The documents can be signed only by the head of the company.

** When reverse VAT payment scheme is applied and the buyer is obliged to pay the VAT to the taxes administrator, the financed amount of the invoice is decreased by VAT amount and the advance payment is calculated from the invoice amount without VAT.

Your invoice is most likely to get financed if the following conditions are met

  • The buyer and the seller are stable working entities registered in Lithuania;
  • The buyer had no significant payment delays during past calendar year;
  • The buyer and the seller are not related enterprises;
  • The seller is not operating in construction sector;
  • The sales to the buyer whose invoices are financed do not exceed 50% of the seller‘s total sales;
  • The right of monetary claim according to the invoice is not restricted (pledged, etc) in any way and the right of its transferring to third parties is not restrained;
  • Currently there are no disputes and/or counterclaims between the buyer and the seller or other reasons which enable the buyer to decrease the payable amount under the invoice (-s);
  • The goods are already sold or services are already provided according to the invoice;
  • The payment term under the invoices is clearly defined as the specific date and does not depend on any events, for example on the resale of the goods by the buyer.


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