For farmers

Special offer

Accomplish plans of your farm

Building a thriving farm every day

  • Long-term loans for farm modernisation.
  • Equipment leasing.
  • Direct payment loans for circulating capital.

Farmers, who have concluded a loan agreement or a lease agreement in the Internet Bank, shall be entitled to a discount of EUR 50 from the administrative fee. Special offer is valid till 31.08.2020.

Farm modernisation is an important step in business development which requires big investments. It is important to not only choose the machinery, equipment, real estate to be acquired or built but to also calculate one’s financial capacity and ensure bank funding.

You can apply to us for an investment loan for:

  • acquisition of agricultural machinery or equipment;
  • construction or reconstruction of a farm, warehouse, grain drying facility or any other piece of real estate;
  • investment in biological assets (perennials planted for agricultural products, cattle and other domestic animals acquired for production of milk, for reproduction and breeding of herd);
  • acquisition of agricultural land.

General Terms and Conditions

General terms and conditions of funding agreements.

Information on agreements in internet bank

You can review funding agreements in your internet bank.

Financing Terms and Conditions
  • agreement period is up to 5 years, except for a loan intended for acquisition of agricultural land which is given for the period of 20 years.
  • Loan is repaid in instalments distributed throughout the entire loan period. Interest is paid on a monthly basis.
  • Loan repayment is secured by pledging a funded object, other property, by guarantees issued by Žemės Ūkio Paskolų Garantijų Fondas, UAB, the EU or other third parties.
  • Amount of loan when land and buildings are used as a collateral shall not exceed 70% of the market value of the pledged assets;
  • Amount of loan when other real estate or facilities/equipment are used as a collateral shall not exceed 50% of the market value of the pledged assets;
  • Amount of loan when agricultural land is used as a collateral shall not exceed 90% of the market value of the pledged assets.
  • Minimum amount of this loan is EUR 10, 000.

Information regarding potential risks

Improper fulfilment of your financial obligations increases your funding costs and can negatively affect your credit history; moreover, if the agreement is terminated due to a material violation on your side, forced debt recovery may be launched and in case of leasing agreement you may lose not only paid premiums but also your ownership right to the pledged property.