Investment loan

For greater business ambitious

Information regarding potential risks

Improper fulfilment of your financial obligations may negatively affect your credit history, increase the price of credit, and if the agreement is terminated due to material breach on your side, you may lose any payments already made, as well as the any rights to the financed property.

The minimum amount in loan is 10,000 EUR.
Purchase amount

Monthly payment

What is it for?
  • Suitable for developing new business projects.
  • To buy real estate, agricultural land or other fixed assets.
  • To construct or renovate buildings.
Main conditions
  • Loan amount from 10 000 EUR.
  • Term up to 5 years, for agricultural companies and farmers purchasing agricultural land - up to 20 years.
  • Annual interest rate is determined individually for each company.
  • Possibility of grace period (up to 12 months).
Possible collaterals