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Car lease

What business requires, car lease delivers!

Special offer for environmentally friendly cars! Interest rate from 1.49% and an additional 10% off on CASCO insurance.

  • Financial and operational leasing interest on new cars – from 2.49% + 6 month Euribor.
  • Option to include CASCO in one monthly payment.
  • Full service leasing – possibility to add maintenance services.

Information regarding potential risks
Improper fulfilment of your financial obligations may negatively affect your credit history, increase your borrowing costs, and if the agreement is terminated due to material breach on your part, you may lose any payments already made, as well as any rights to the financed property.

Calculate leasing payment

Purchase amount
Down payment
Financial lease Operational lease (rent) Full-service operational lease


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Monthly payment 0 EUR 0 EUR 0 EUR
Residual value no EUR EUR
Choose additional services
Comprehensive insurance*
MTPL (Mandatory third party liability insurance of vehicle users) - -
Invoice administration - -
Road assistance 24/7 - -
Processing of insured events - -
Winter tyres - -
Regular maintenance - -
Replacement and storage of tires - -
Vehicle delivery service - -
Fuel credit card - -
Mandatory inspection - -

* Type of insurance – Standard Comprehensive insurance, deductible for all events, except for theft – EUR 200, theft – 10%, but not less than EUR 200, broken glass – EUR 0 (if the repairs are performed in the repair centre specified by the insurance company).

The calculation is approximate and it is not a commitment to provide financing.

Finance lease
  • You will gradually cover the whole value of the vehicle and the interest within the lease period.
  • Upon paying the last lease instalment, ownership of the vehicle will be transferred to you.
Operating lease
  • You will gradually cover a part of the car’s value and the interest within the lease period.
  • Upon expiry of the contract, you can return the car to “Swedbank lizingas”, UAB, buy it out for the residual value, or apply for contract prolongation.
Full-service lease
  • You will gradually cover a part of the car’s value plus chosen maintenance services and the interest within the lease period.
  • Upon expiry of the contract, you can return the car to “Swedbank lizingas”, UAB, buy it out for the residual value, or apply for contract prolongation.

This service allows to finance the purchase, while also enjoying services related to car maintenance such as CASCO insurance, technical maintenance and repairs, tyre replacement and storage at warehouse, 24-hour emergency service, etc. The client agrees with the leasing company on the additional services and the costs of such services are distributed evenly over the leasing period and added to monthly payments.

Main benefits of full-service leasing:

  • One invoice for all services
  • VIP customer discount on purchases of goods or services in the whole network of Swedbank partners
  • Fixed and periodic vehicle exploitation costs during rental agreement
  1. Fill in an application via Internet Banking or apply for consultation.
  2. If necessary, please provide asset valuation. It is required if asset is bought from a seller who is not an official seller of passenger cars for “Swedbank”. You may order asset valuation at “Swedbank”.
  3. The lease agreement may be signed via Internet Bank.
  4. Pay the down payment, contract fee invoices.
  5. Register the car at VĮ Regitra.
  6. The car must have valid CASCO insurance and MTPL insurance. If your CASCO insurance provider is not Swedbank P&C Insurance AS, send a copy of the policy by e-mail to
  • Financial and operational leasing available for passenger and light commercial vehicles (up to 3.5 tonnes).
  • Financed amount from 5 000 EUR.
  • Interest rate from 2.49% + 6 month Euribor.
  • Down payment from 10%.
  • At the end of lease period vehicle have to be not older than 15 years.
  • Period of contract up to 6 years.
Special conditions for environmentally friendly cars!

If you choose an environmentally friendly car – hybrid, plug-in electric or low-consumption car you will get special conditions:

When buying a car with a CO2 emission level not exceeding 95 g/km (based on WLTP*):

  • Interest rate of 1.49% + 6 month Euribor.
  • 10% discount for first year of CASCO insurance.

When buying a car with a CO2 emission 96-130 g/km (based on WLTP*):

  • Interest rate of 1.89% + 6 month Euribor.
  • 10% discount for first year of CASCO insurance.

The offer is valid for the purchase of new/ used cars at Swedbank partner auto dealerships, when applied via internet bank or dealership and upon signing a car leasing agreement via internet banking.

The insurance services are provided by Swedbank P&C Insurance AS Lithuanian Branch through its representative Swedbank, AB.
Discount for CASCO insurance is applicable together with leasing only. You can review the Casco Insurance Rules here.

* WLTP - Worldwide Harmonized Light-Duty Vehicle Test Procedure.

Improper fulfilment of your financial obligations increases your funding costs and can negatively affect your credit history; moreover, if the agreement is terminated due to a material violation on your part, forced debt recovery may be commenced and in case of leasing agreement you may lose not only instalments paid but also your ownership of the pledged property.
Service or operation name Fee
Fee for concluding the agreement
Fee for concluding a lease/operating lease agreement From 1 % of the property value, minimum EUR 150 (plus VAT in the case of operating lease)
Additional fee for concluding a lease/operating lease agreement when a car appraisal report1 is not provided (in that case the property value shall be determined by the Company itself; a car is delivered for examination to the place and at the time specified by the Company (if Company does not specify that car appraisal will be done without car delivery for examination)) EUR 60 (plus VAT in the case of operating lease)
Fee for amendment to the agreement
Fee for amendment to the agreement EUR 90 (plus VAT in the case of operating lease)
Fee only for extension of the operating lease agreement for up to 2 months EUR 45 plus VAT
Unless the agreement provides otherwise, the fee for amendment to the agreement shall not be charged in the case of the following amendments: - adjustment of the property value after import;
- deferral/shortening of the term of periodic payments when the seller delays the delivery of the property/delivers the property earlier;
- inclusion, change, refusal of the property insurance organisation service;
- inclusion of services in the agreements of lease with services;
- refusal of the service of the organisation of compulsory insurance of civil liability of the property user;
- replacement of the property insurance organisation service by the service of organisation of the property insurance with Swedbank P&C Insurance AS Lithuanian Branch;
- adjustment of the property specification.
Fee for the authorisation for the sub-rent, sublease, loan-for-use of the property (the fee shall be charged per each agreement separately) EUR 30 plus VAT
Fee for the change of documents: issue of a new fuel card instead of the old one, issue of a duplicate of the civil liability insurance policy EUR 10 plus VAT
Fee for the arrangement on the conditional pledge of the property or for a trilateral arrangement on the redemption of the property EUR 90 plus VAT
Fee for the issue of a certificate: a certificate for audit purposes and different other certificates EUR 25 plus VAT
Fee for the issue of a certificate granting the right to travel abroad (the fee shall not be charged when the certificate is issued to a customer (manager of the customer's company)) EUR 10 plus VAT
Fee for the issue of documentary copies
Agreement copy with annexes EUR 10 plus VAT
Copies of other documents (a fee for copies of VAT invoices shall be charged only for the invoices issued more than 2 months before) EUR 2 plus VAT per page
Duplicates of completion deeds shall be issued free of charge.
Private customers submitting a written request shall have the right to receive free of charge the relevant schedule of payments. The schedule of payments shall also be posted on the internet bank of Swedbank.
Fee for resumed validity of agreements upon cancellation of their termination
When agreements are resumed during the same month in which they were terminated For one agreement - from EUR 90, for each additional agreement - from EUR 30 (plus VAT in the case of operating lease, and also in the case of lease, without making changes in the schedule)
When agreements are resumed which were terminated during the previous or earlier month For one agreement - from EUR 90, for each additional agreement - from EUR 30 (plus VAT in the case of operating lease), also paying the amount of interest unpaid during the termination period according to all agreements being resumed (issuing one single invoice) 2
Operating lease agreement termination fee (is charged when the agreement is terminated on the customer's initiative and consent of the Company) 3
When, at the same time, a new lease or operating lease agreement is concluded with the Company EUR 75 plus VAT
In all other cases EUR 150 plus VAT
Property sale administration fee upon expiry or early termination of the operating lease agreement (when the Company agrees to sell the property)3:
Property sale to the customer who has leased it From EUR 300 plus VAT
Property sale to a third party From EUR 400 plus VAT
Additional one-time services (if not included in the agreement): handing of the insured event, performance of technical maintenance and roadworthiness testing, roadside assistance for 24 hr, delivery of a replacement car to another city, car wash, etc. EUR 35 /h plus VAT
Replacement car (if not included in the agreement)
A replacement car service shall also cover a short-term car rent service, provided that at least one operating lease agreement or parking maintenance agreement concluded with the customer is valid.
Price per day, EUR, plus VAT
Number of days Economic Compact Medium Large
1-7 days 29 EUR 35 EUR 41 EUR 53 EUR
8-14 days 24 EUR 29 EUR 35 EUR 47 EUR
15-21 days 21 EUR 24 EUR 29 EUR 41 EUR
22-29 days 18 EUR 21 EUR 27 EUR 35 EUR
Price per month, EUR, plus VAT
1-11 months 377 EUR 435 EUR 522 EUR 638 EUR
Price per month, EUR, plus VAT, when a replacement car is rented until delivery of the property ordered by the customer
1-11 months 290 EUR 348 EUR 435 EUR 551 EUR

Where monthly fees are charged, mileage shall be limited to 3 000 km/month.

Additional fees
Fuel supply fee According to actual costs
Fuel supply administration fee EUR 15 plus VAT
Car delivery fee:
Vilnius - Kaunas EUR 50 plus VAT
Between other cities EUR 0.60 /km plus VAT

1 A car appraisal report issued by the appraiser acceptable to the Company shall be required when the obligations by existing contract are transferring to the new customer or car is purchased from the seller who is not included in the List of Sellers Acceptable to the Company.

2 Outstanding interest shall be calculated as a product of the amount of interest of the first invoice unissued according to the schedule and the number/periods of unissued invoices (until the agreement is resumed).

3 This fee may be included in the sales price of leased property or paid separately.

Typical example of total consumer credit annual percentage rate calculation (for natural persons who have acquired leased assets for personal, family or household purposes, but not for business or professional purposes):

Assumptions: Price of the car selected – 20 000 EUR, contract term – 60 months, advance paid by the Client – 10 percent, financed amount – 18 000 EUR, interest rate – 6 months Euribor (at least 0%) + 2.29% (calculated annual interest rate – 2.29%) ., contract fee – 200 EUR (monthly instalment – 318.49 EUR).

In order to receive consumer credit, the Client must have (open) an account with Swedbank, AB, with a set minimum daily services fee of 0.70 EUR per month. The client must also, at his/her own expense, buy insurance for the car at an insurance company acceptable by Swedbank under conditions set out in the agreement (insurance cost is not included in the total consumer credit annual percentage rate). Total consumer credit annual percentage rate is then equal to 2.86 percent

Calculations of the total consumer credit annual percentage rate and the total amount payable by the borrower are based on the assumptions that the agreement will be valid for the entire duration of the agreement, the total credit amount will be paid out on the day of signing the agreement, the parties to the agreement will fulfil their obligations arising from the agreement by respecting the terms and conditions set out therein, the annual interest rate, the amount of fees and other charges paid by the Client will remain the same as at the time of concluding the agreement and will continue to be applied until its expiry.

You can:

  • ask to extend the agreement term;
  • request to postpone payments if you are facing financial difficulties;
  • make partial payments or fully redeem your assets early.

To change the contract please submit an application.

Authorisation for Use of The Vehicle

  • Using the vehicle in Lithuania and elsewhere in the EU no authorisation is required.
  • Using the vehicle in another foreign country fill in the Application for Authorisation. In case you travel with your leased car or motorbike to Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Belarus or Russia, you will need to conclude a supplementary policy in addition to your Casco insurance policy.
If you wish to redeem property in the case of financial leasing, submit an application on the Swedbank’s Internet Bank for Business, by e-mail to or by calling 1633. Having paid the indicated amount you will become the owner of redeemed property.

Upon expiry of the term of the financial lease agreement and upon payment of all purchase instalments and other amounts payable under the financial lease agreement, you will become the owner of the leased property.

If your agreement is a financial lease agreement with residual value, you may apply for its extension under the conditions acceptable by both parties. Please email to no later than one month prior to expiry date, specifying the term for which you want to extend the agreement. If we do not receive your notice within the said term, we will deem that you plan to pay all instalments (including the residual value) according to the pre-defined schedule.

If you wish to extend the agreement, please email us to and provide additional information

  • the term of extension desired;
  • the mileage of the vehicle present at the end of the lease term;
  • the estimated mileage of the vehicle at the end of the extended lease term.

If you wish to purchase the vehicle:

  • Swedbank lizingas will prepare an offer for the acquisition of the vehicle at a price corresponding to its market price;
  • if the terms of the offer are acceptable to you, you will pay the specified price to Swedbank lizingas and the title to the vehicle will be transferred to you under a sale and purchase agreement.

If you wish to return the vehicle to Swedbank lizingas, please make sure that it meets the conditions stipulated in the agreement, including the following:

  • The mileage does not exceed the maximum permissible value under the agreement. Otherwise an invoice will be issued to you for the excess kilometres, charging the fee specified in the agreement.
  • The vehicle is clean both externally and internally (if necessary, dry-cleaning of the passenger compartment has to be done), in good repair and technical condition (according to the manufacturer’s requirements and the state technical inspection requirements), and in the same state as you have received it, considering normal wear and tear. This means that the vehicle must be complete according to the manufacturer’s specification, with all additional equipment transferred/installed for you, spare key(s) and remote control unit(s), without any visible or hidden external or internal defects, etc.

Please note that should you fail to return the vehicle in due time, Swedbank lizingas will be entitled to charge penalty at the rate equal to double lease fee.

Upon expiry of the financial lease agreement or upon early redemption of property Swedbank lizingas will send you a statement of termination of the lease agreement in duplicate, a copy for you and a copy for the State Enterprise Regitra, by registered post. You can also receive this document by visiting a customer service branch of Swedbank lizingas. Upon receipt of this statement, you must immediately contact the State Enterprise Regitra and re-register the vehicle at your own expense (remove Swedbank lizingas from the register as the owner and user of the vehicle).

If you acquire the vehicle leased according to the operational lease agreement from Swedbank lizingas under a sale and purchase contract, you must immediately re-register it at your own expense.

Upon expiry of the term of your financial lease or operational lease agreement you should check whether insurance contracts obtained from or through Swedbank lizingas have not expired. You can see all insurance contracts concluded with Swedbank P&C Insurance, AS, Lithuania branch on the Swedbank’s Internet Bank for Business, where you can apply to change them.

Free technical assistance and guaranteed original spare parts for repairing cars not older than five years.

To find out which financing option would work best for your company, sign up for a consultation!

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