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Casco insurance

Less exceptions, better protection

By choosing our Casco you will get:

  • All risk insurance with a very wide insurance cover.
  • 24h roadside assistance anywhere in Europe.
  • Flexible payments - pay on a monthly basis without increasing the annual premium.
  • Maximum protection for you and your belongings when choosing Elite Casco.
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For passenger cars we offer

Standard Casco

Elite Casco

All-risk cover    
24-hour roadside assistance in Europe    
Replacing car window panes    
Damage to or theft of personal belongings  
Loss of or damage to keys  
Transfer cost  
Personal accident insurance  
Trip interruption  
Replacement car For extra charge For extra charge
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Casco insurance provides voluntary vehicle insurance, which will compensate the damages incurred to the vehicle, regardless of who caused the damages.

You should think about getting Casco, if you prefer to secure yourself from unexpected costs.

We do not insure vehicles that are:

  • older than 14 years;
  • imported from North-America.

With our Casco, we don't limit driver's age or experience.

Casco does not replace mandatory traffic insurance. Make sure that you have a valid traffic insurance policy.

We offer proper insurance with all-risk cover. For example our Casco covers any sudden and unexpected events including:

  • traffic accident;
  • vandalism, theft & robbery;
  • fire;
  • natural disaster.

Our Casco yearly insurance premiums are not dependant on payment schedule.

The sum insured will be agreed in the policy, so in case of an accident, you will get additional protection for the decrease of the car's market value. Or in case market value exceeds our agreed value, we indemnify according to the higher value.

We use original spare parts for repairing up to five-year-old cars.

After concluding:

  • Please send photos of the vehicle.
  • Print out the traffic accident notification form and place it into your car. This way you will have it at hand, should an accident occur.
  • Save the roadside assistance number 1884, so you can call for 24/7 roadside assistance.
  • Before travelling abroad with your car, make sure that Casco insurance is valid in the countries you will be driving in. We offer two options for territory:
    • Europe;
    • Europe except for Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Turkey.

We offer our Standard Casco solution, which includes all risk cover, also for commercial vehicles, buses, trucks, lorries etc.

Sum insured is agreed in the policy and you will also get a towing limit across Europe.

Ask a personal offer for your company.

In case you have more than five vehicles to insure, ask for our fleet offer.

For a fleet offer please be prepared to send us claims history for the last years.

  • Ask a personal offer for your company.
  • Payments can be made on a monthly, quarterly, half-year or yearly basis, without the frequency of payments affecting the size of the insurance premium.
  • The policy is available in the internet bank 24/7.
  • We will ask you to submit photos of the vehicle or have a vehicle inspection carried out within 3 days after issuing the policy.
  • The photos should be taken during the daylight hours and the car should be clean.
  • It is important that the date on which the photos were taken can be identified on the photos.
  • Provide the following photos:
    • Diagonal view of the front, showing the front number plate.
    • Back diagonal showing rear number plate.
    • Interior photo of the central console.
    • Separate photos of any damages.
More detailed guidelines

Make sure to call to the Emergency Centre if necessary. If the situation is safe, please notify us in the internet bank as soon as possible.

  • Fill out the insurance claim form.
  • Our claim handling specialist will contact you and provide further guidance.

In case you need road side assistance, please call 1884.

Call the Emergency Centre (112) if:

  • people are injured;
  • you do not reach an agreement about the fact who caused the accident;
  • the vehicle or parts of there have been, stolen or robbed;
  • you have caused damage to someone, but you do not know who owns the vehicle or property;
  • third-party property is damaged or more than two cars are involved;
  • the situation includes a fire or an explosion;
  • environmental pollution may occur.


Swedbank P&C Insurance AS


Insurance claims handling

Report a Casco damage

In case of an insured event, please notify us either personally or via a family member at the earliest opportunity.

Roadside assistance

1884 (24h)

If your need help on the road our 24h roadside assistance is available across Europe.

All-risk insurance covers damage caused by any sudden unforeseen event, except those excluded in conditions. Even if you caused it yourself. It protects you from common events that could happen to your vehicle.

For example: fire, traffic accident (also due to wild animals), vandalism, natural disaster, theft and robbery.

In general all-risk insurance you do not have to worry what is insured and what is not. However there are also a some exclusions where insurance cover does not apply (e.g. vehicle was driven by a drunk driver, driver did not have the respective category, or the car was stolen and the owner did not notify the Emergency Centre).

More about conditions

Geographical Europe: Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Albania, Austria, Andorra, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Cyprus, Germany, Greece, Croatia, Iceland, Italy, Ireland, Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malta, Montenegro, Moldova, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Finland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia, San Marino, Switzerland, Ukraine, Hungary, Vatican, Sweden. Geographical part of Europe: Russia, Kazakhstan Turkey, Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan.

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