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Services of our official partners, i.e. credit, consulting, training and other companies, offered specially for you. You can easily and conveniently choose among their exclusive offers and unique services in the Internet bank. Many of these offers are with discounts.

Only “Swedbank” clients can use this system of partner offers.

Risk Management

Free report on your company

Creditinfo report, intended to have a look at your company 'from a side', can now be ordered here, internet bank for business! The report will show you how your company is seen in the eyes of banks, leasing companies, petrol station chains and other creditors, when you apply for financing and other services with deferred payment.

We recommend you reviewing your report before applying for loan and other lending services. This will help you to look at your company 'from a side' and make better preparations for a conversation for a loan. You can download a report once a month.

We will send a link to the report within a few minutes.

More about the service: Creditinfo credit bureau

The report consists of:
  • company's credit ratings (ratings forecast a possibility that the company will delay payment for 90 and more day, and a possibility for the company to go bankrupt in the next 12 months);
  • today's and past delayed payments to credit bureau participants (banks, leasing companies, petrol station operators, telecommunications and other companies);
  • financial indicators;
  • information from courts, property arrests;
  • transport fleet;
  • public procurement information;
  • press releases and statistical information;
  • other information.

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Your Biometrics – a password you don’t need to remember

Start to use biometrics – fingerprint or facial recognition is the most convenient way for your business to log in to the mobile app and authenticate your actions in digital banking environment.

Try this log in way!

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