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Services of our official partners, i.e. credit, consulting, training and other companies, offered specially for you. You can easily and conveniently choose among their exclusive offers and unique services in the Internet bank. Many of these offers are with discounts.

Only “Swedbank” clients can use this system of partner offers.

Risk Management

List of potential clients

The list of potential clients is the fastest way to select target clients. All you have to do is to define selection criteria (e.g. company's activities, duration of business, size of business, credit rating) and you will be sent a list of companies with their contact details and other useful information.

List price 40-200 Eur + VAT.

The price depends on the selection criteria and the number of companies selected.

Free consultation on selection of potential clients is offered exclusively to Swedbank clients.

Information and invoice will be sent within 1-2 working days.

The service is provided by: Creditinfo credit bureau

The list of potential clients consists of:
  • basic company details (company's name, head, legal form);
  • contact details (phone number, email address, if provided);
  • information on annual turnover;
  • number of employees;
  • brief information about payment history and negative information;
  • monitoring of mentioning of the company in mass media and statistical information;
  • brief information from the state registers;
  • other details.
Possible selection criteria:
  • company's business;
  • business region;
  • turnover;
  • number of employees;
  • number of vehicles;
  • negative information (arrears, arrests, etc.);
  • other criteria are possible according to your needs.

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