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Services of our official partners, i.e. credit, consulting, training and other companies, offered specially for you. You can easily and conveniently choose among their exclusive offers and unique services in the Internet bank. Many of these offers are with discounts.

Only “Swedbank” clients can use this system of partner offers.

Document management

Document Storage

After transferring your documents to specially designed modern storage facilities, you will have more space in the office and your staff and office costs will go down. The documents can be accessed quickly and conveniently, and you will no longer have to worry about expiry management.

Document storage services are available at a price of EUR 0.26 + VAT for one file per month.

Swedbank customers are eligible for an exclusive 20% discount.

One file – documents put together, grouped and systematised by REISSWOLF specialists according to the defined or selected attributes, as well as the compilation of file lists in accordance with the governing legislation.

How does it work?
  • The documents are placed in special REISSWOLF archiving boxes. They are structured and indexed using a bar code system.
  • Customers have direct 24/7 access to the documents.
  • If a certain original document is required, the customer can come to the REISSWOLF storage facility personally, or the document can be delivered by a courier.
  • If a scanned document is required, the document can be ordered through the RWAS document management system or sent by e-mail.
  • The REISSWOLF archives are regularly monitored by both internal and external auditors. Archive supervision also includes additional measures such as fire alarms, automatic fire suppression systems, and security alarms to prevent burglary and attack; moisture control systems; and heating and ventilation of the premises – all this is part of our high security standards in order to protect documents against unauthorised access.

More information about the service is available at "Reisswolf".

REISSWOLF f.i.t. Digital (Electronic) Document Storage

You will be able to securely access digitised documents in the REISSWOLF f.i.t. cloud archive at any time. The software (Saas) is web-based. With the rights assigned, the user can log in to the digital (electronic) document archive and easily find documents according to the relevant search criteria.

Digital (electronic) document storage services in the REISSWOLF f.i.t. cloud archive are available for at a price of EUR 47.50 + VAT for 10 GB.

Swedbank customers are eligible for an exclusive 20% discount.

How does it work?
  • The user can download, print, view, and administer the required document from the archive.
  • Customers who would like to have a digital archive just have to deliver the paper documents to REISSWOLF, or we can take care of the documents for an additional fee.
  • The original copies of the scanned and transferred documents can be returned, or they can be placed in archive boxes, assigned bar codes, and stored at the REISSWOLF storage facility.

More information about the service is available at "Reisswolf".

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