Standing orders

This is automatic transfer of money to your chosen account, at frequency and under conditions specified by you.

  • It is convenient for customers who have to effect at a certain time standing payment orders fixed in advance and who are willing to facilitate the daily management of their finances.
  • Periodic transfers allow you to save the time of your company’s accounting staff and facilitate the management of finances. Your accounting staff will be spared the need to check all invoices and always keep in mind their payment date.
  • Invoices for services provided to your company will be always paid in time, if there are sufficient funds in the company’s bank account.
  • Swedbank’s customers tend to use periodic transfers to make insurance, leasing, rent payments and to extend their subscription.
The rate of a periodic transfer is the same as for a corresponding ordinary (local or international) transfer via Swedbank’s Internet Bank.
  • You can develop your standing payment orders' schedule with Swedbank covering standing payment orders that are effected most often.
  • A separate agreement shall be concluded for each payment and related to one standing payment orders effected under conditions specified by you.
  • In observance of frequency designated by you, the Bank shall transfer the required amount from your bank account according to the conditions established under the agreement.
  • Standing payment orders may commence on the day of signing the agreement with the Bank.
    • Payments shall be carried out in sequential order of concluded agreements, starting from the agreement concluded on the earliest date.
    • On the day of payment the Bank shall examine your bank account. If there are enough funds in it, the order shall be effected. If on the payment day the funds in the account are insufficient, the Bank shall 3 days check your bank account and effect the payment if the amount of funds in it is sufficient.
  • Domestic and international payments may be effected periodically.
  • Periodic transfers under the open-ended periodic transfer agreement will continue until the termination of the periodic transfer agreement.
  • Standing payment order conditions specified in the agreement may be changed or payments terminated at any time where appropriate.

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