Salary payment (Mass payment)

Valuable time-savings

We recommend that you transfer salaries for your employees via Swedbank’s Internet Bank for business by making a mass payment.

  • A more convenient way to summit and execute wage transfers for a larger number of employees;
  • Wider possibilities to handle information about such payments in an account statement.
  • You can choose a way for transferring salaries that is suitable to you: by uploading a file with payment data compiled using accounting software, using a form template, or entering data (by hand).
  • If necessary, you can classify slaries transfer information for the company’s certain users of Internet Bank for business.
  • The payment order can be confirmed by your company’s two users of Internet bank for business (for example, accounting officer and director).
  • The prepared payment order can be postponed until a certain day when there are enough funds in the company’s account.
  • By transferring salaries via Swedbank’s Internet Bank for business, you can reduce the company’s expenses related to the administration of cash and payment (cash withdrawal fee, transportation, storage).