A safe and convenient way to receive regular invoices

  • All your invoices in one place – Swedbank Internet Bank for Business.
  • Giving up of the paper-based invoices you will contribute to the preservation of the environment.
  • If you choose the automated payment, you will not have to bother paying invoices every month.
Order e-invoices

Find a service provider

  • Receive all e-invoices issued by different providers – for internet connection, telecommunications, utilities and other services provided or goods acquired – in one place – your Internet Bank for Business.
  • Order the Service of Electronic Invoices quickly and easily – all you need is to submit application for receiving e-invoices.
  • E-invoices are stored in the Internet Bank for eighteen months from receipt – you can review e-invoices, follow their payment status, print, save in chosen format, delete or archive them.
  • Pay e-invoices according to your needs and habits – by automated payment or payment order. If you have concluded e-invoice automated payment agreement, you will be able to choose the partial payment of e-invoice, payment day and the maximum amount. If you pay e-invoice by payment order, your payment order form will be prefilled automatically and you will not have to enter any details additionally.
E-invoice automated payment service conditions