Swedbank Gateway

Make your accounting easier!

Swedbank Gateway service links your accounting software with Swedbank services.

  • Instantly available account information and payment processing.
  • Automated large volume data exchange 24/7 hour.
  • Real-time notifications of transactions.
  • The same solution in all Baltic countries.
  • Quick and easy connection via Operator’s, appointed by you, Channel.
Operator channel Direct channel
Technical integration/maintenance Already done by Operator* Implementation needed by Customers IT or ERP** provider
Data flow Customer – Operator ERP – Bank Customers ERP system - Bank
Data storage Operator Customer
Conclude agreement Apply

* Operator – Cloud based ERP or accounting service provider.

** ERP - Enterprise resource planning, accounting or business management software.

What is Swedbank Gateway?

Swedbank Gateway is a convenient account management solution for linking your accounting software with banking services, thus making accounting management more eficient for you.

  • Service is integrated directly in your information or accounting system.
  • It has no end-user interface of its own.
  • Possibility to work with Swedbank’s information directly from your own business software. Opportunity to operate your Swedbank accounts across the Baltics.

Available services:

  • Account statements:

    • for previous day – sent automatically;
    • for any period/current day – by request.
  • Account balance – for current or previous day.
  • Payments – domestic (including salary payments) and international payments with payment status information.
  • Online notifications – operative coverage of information about payments.
  • POS reports – automated payment card transaction data sending.
  • E-invoices – automated incoming/outgoing e-invoices processing.
  • Currency exchange rates – operative overview of current and past cash and transmission rates.


If the access to integration tools and additional documentation is needed, please send to your manager the following information:

  • Your public IP address/-es from which access is needed.
  • Your IT person’s contact information.