Business Debit Card

The best everyday assistant for your company

  • Convenient day-to-day payments – buying fuel, supplies, ordering raw materials, business trip costs etc.
  • Easier routine job for the company’s accountant.
  • Secure purchases both for shopping online and in regular shops.
  • Fast cash deposits and withdrawals.
  • Card purchases easy to control at any time via Internet Bank.
Convenient to use in both brick-and-mortar stores and online

Suitable for all types of business purchases, including over the internet and enable your employees to use the funds in the company's account.

It is important for shopping at online retail outlets to be convenient and secure. In order to pay with the card online you must activate Secure Internet Shopping.

Online payments will be activated automatically in the case of renewed and replaced cards that are sent via post if this function was activated for the previous card.

Activate Secure Internet Shopping

Manage user rights and limits easily

Several cards can be ordered and linked to a single account for employees.

Individual usage limits and rights can be set and modified via Internet Bank and Mobile Bank (Android only) for each cardholder:

  • Allow or disable various card transactions like payments, withdrawals, deposits, ATM payments can user having full profile in Internet Bank.
  • Contactless functionality can be disabled or enabled by company’s Internet Bank user having profile „All transactions“ to card account.
  • In Mobile Bank rights and limits can be managed by company’s legal representative having the sole right of representation according to the commercial register.
Use contactless payments

The contactless card enables you to make purchases up to a value of 25 € without having to enter your PIN. You only need to tap the card against the payment terminal.

Contactless payment feature can be enabled or disabled. The change will take effect after one payment confirmed with PIN. If you accidentally tap the terminal two or more times, only the first tap is registered.

Time to time some smaller purchases will still need to be confirmed using your PIN.

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