Cards available for secure internet shopping programme

Starting from 1 April 2019 code card authentication will no longer be available for card payments in e-shops marked with secure online purchase seals Verified by Visa and Mastercard SecureCode! For your convenient online shopping we suggest Smart-ID for logging in already now.

How to enable internet shopping for your card

To enable internet shopping, click on the "Enable" button and follow the instructions. Each card must be added separately. If necessary, disable internet shopping by clicking on the "Disable" button. If you do not enable internet shopping for your card, you cannot use it to make online purchases. When your card is renewed or replaced, internet shopping must be enabled again.

How does double protection for online purchases work?

The secure Internet shopping solutions MasterCard SecureCode and Verified by Visa ensure that your payments are authorised twice when making online purchases.

  • Web stores that join the programme display the MasterCard SecureCode and/or Verified by Visa logo.
  • After you enter your card details, a purchase summary and personal greeting message are displayed. Always check that the greeting message is correct. If the greeting message is not correct, do not confirm the purchase.
  • Next you will be directed to the Swedbank internet bank page, where you will have to confirm the purchase by entering your internet bank credentials. To do this, select a method of authentication, enter your (cardholder) Swedbank user ID and follow the instructions.
  • When authentication is successful, you will be re-directed to the merchant and the purchase transaction will continue as per usual.


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