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Service plans

Simple and convenient: save by choosing a service plan that suits you best!

We present Swedbank‘s Service Plans for Corporate Clients – sets of most popular daily banking services for a monthly fee that includes:

  • Number of electronic payments in Euro in Lithuania and EEA Member States by your choice: 10, 20, 50 or 100 transfers per month.
  • New contactless debit cards for business.
  • PIN code generator.
  • Minimal fee for daily services.

Principal Service Plans


Business 10

Business 20

Business 50

Business 100

Monthly fee EUR 0 EUR 7 EUR 9 EUR 18 EUR 30
Minimum daily service fee including opening of a Bank account (except non-residents), management and closing of the account and administration of payments credited to the account in Euro
Contactless Business Debit Card Mastercard 1 card 1 card 1 card 2 cards 3 cards
Transfers in Euro ordered electronically No limits 10 transfers 20 transfers 50 transfers 100 transfers
PIN code generator

Additional Service Plan „Business Plus“

Service Plan “Business Plus” can be ordered together with the main Service Plans for Business or separately if group payments (of wages to employees) are relevant to the company.

Business Plus

Monthly fee EUR 4
Group transfer presentment EUR 1.5
Group transfer (employee wages) to natural person's account within Swedbank, AB Free

For more details on the rates of the Service Plans for corporate clients and the general terms of application thereof please see here.

Choose the best Service plan for your business

Number of Bank Accounts
Number of Debit cards
Intrabank payments
Interbank payments

Expenses without plan
Recommended plan
Verslu 10
Expenses with plan
You save

With the Service Plans offered by the Bank, you will not have to worry about the price of each electronic transfer or online payment of an e-invoice. The fixed fee for the daily services most necessary to your business will facilitate planning of expenses for the payment services provided by the Bank.

Swedbank‘s Service Plans are sets of most popular banking services tailored to the daily financial needs of your business.

Operation of the Service Plans

  • Upon ordering one of the Service Plans - Business, Business 10, Business 20, Business 50, Business 100 and Business Plus, its terms and conditions will apply to all your accounts with Swedbank, AB, held currently or opened in the future.
  • Also you can select Business Plus as an additional plan for unlimited transfers of wages to your employees to their accounts with Swedbank. You can only select one of the main Service Plans and additionally Business Plus, or just Business Plus.
  • While using the selected Service Plan you will not pay standard bank fees for the payment services covered by the Service Plan. The standard rates for the services and operations of the Bank will apply if you terminate the Service Plan or exceed the restrictions applicable to the Service Plan (e. g. if you order additional debit cards for business).
  • The Service Plans are not available to credit and payment institutions and electronic money institutions. In the event of establishing that the entity operates as a credit institution, payment institution or electronic money institution, the Bank has the right to terminate the Service Plan for such client.

You can read the General Terms and Conditions of the Application of the Service Plan Rates here.

More about of all Service Plans for Business offered by the Bank

You can order the Service Plan through Swedbank’s online banking system for business, or at any branch of the Bank, or by calling 1633. You will be able to use the advantages of the Service Plan straight after ordering. In case before ordering the plan individual (special) fees were applied for the services used by you, not later than during Bank 2 working days those individual fees will be terminated and Service Plane conditions will come into the force. Upon ordering the Service Plan you will not have to pay the minimum daily service fee for all the accounts opened for your company with Swedbank, whereas e-payments can be made from any account of the company. Please note that the total number of e-payments and payment cards will remain the same as specified for the Service Plan, without any additional charge, and it does not depend on the number of your accounts. The company may use only one main Service Plan at a time: Business 10, Business 20, Business 50 or Business 100. In addition, you may order one Business Plus Service Plan. Business Plan is available for new companies that were founded no earlier than 12 months ago, provided that the company has not concluded an agreement on the application of the Business Basket rates. In such a case Swedbank standard rates for services and operations will apply to payment orders. The fee for the past month will be debited by the 15th date of next month. The monthly fee will be debited irrespective of whether the company has reached the limit of the services covered by the plan‘s fee or not. You may change or refuse from the Service Plan through Swedbank’s online banking system for business by calling 1633 or by vising any branch of Swedbank. Upon refusal, Swedbank‘s standard rates for services and operations will apply.

Only contactless MasterCard business debit cards are covered by the Service Plan. If the company has any other Swedbank‘s business payment card, you may select one of the following options:

  1. Continue using the card and paying standard rates without ordering the contactless card. After the term of your current card expires, the Bank will automatically replace it with the contactless MasterCard business debit card covered by the Service Plan, at no charge;
  2. Order a new contactless MasterCard business debit card and abandon the old card. You can order the contactless card through Swedbank‘s online banking system, by calling 1633, or at any branch of the Bank. After your card is collected and activated, it will be included in the Service Plan automatically.

Cards will be assigned to the Service Plan according to the following features:

  • The card must be active, or if blocked the blocking must be temporary.
  • A card that is fully functional has priority; a card with cash pay-in operations only will be given lower priority.
  • A card that was ordered earlier.
  • A card with the largest number.

The Bank reserves the right to change these rules at any time.

Yes, upon ordering the Service Plan you can order one PIN code generator free of charge irrespective of whether the company already has one. The generator will be provided free of charge only once upon ordering the Service Plan, i. e. if you change the plan you will not be able to order one more generator free of charge.

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