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Open account for your company remotely

With a company bank account in Swedbank you can obtain bank financing, invest free funds and use other services for business:

  • Free-of-charge contactless business debit card together with a plan of everyday services.
  • Convenient solutions and conditions for the transfer of wages.
  • Free-of-charge rent of the card payment terminal for the first 6 months.*
  • The platform for strengthening small business “Everyone Can”.
  • “ERPLY Books” - a system of electronic accounting integrated into the Internet Bank for corporate customers.
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* The offer is valid for new companies the period of registration of which in the Register of Legal Entities is shorter than 12 months.

Faster and cheaper payments

Half of your future clients or partners already hold an account in Swedbank*. Therefore, you will be able to manage payments in a faster, easier and cheaper manner.

*According to data about “Swedbank” cards’ holders.

Availability 24/7

You will be able to conveniently manage everyday finances of your company in the Internet Bank and our Bank application for corporate customers.

We will help your business to grow

We are offering a whole range of services, products and initiatives intended for a developing business. Our aim is to offer possibilities, tools and useful advice for your business to grow and strengthen.

  1. If you have a Private account in Swedbank and manage a company acting under the right of sole representation and you use “Smart-ID”, mobile signature or electronic signature for login to the Internet Bank, you can apply for opening a company’s account in the Internet Bank.
  2. Within 2 hour, you can receive the answer regarding opening of the account remotely, if you apply during working days between 8-15. Otherwise, you will receive the answer on the working day following the day of submission.
  3. Once the application has been reviewed and accepted, you will have to login to the Internet Bank and accomplish the process of the bank account opening.
  • The company must be registered in Lithuania.
  • The company’s head must be a citizen of Lithuania and act as sole representative.
  • The company‘s head has to have account as a private person in “Swedbank”.
  • The company does not have account in Swedbank (excluding starting account).
  • The company has to have an access key to the electronic certified company registry extract (ESI) .
  • In case You need to change starting account to a bank account after setting up a company, You will have to enter the number of the starting account in "Swedbank”.

Starting account can be opened electronically through Registry center.

Additional bank account can be opened in internet bank by sole representative of the company.

You can open an account in any customer services branch of the Bank. Book an appointment by calling 1633.

An account of a company group, where the accounts of all members of the group can be seen.

Possibilities and advantages

  • A mechanism of internal borrowing is created. The group account offers a possibility of assigning the available funds to a member of the group in most need of the funds.
  • Lower need for external borrowing. Companies can use each other’s funds within the limits of internal borrowing set for them.
  • Decreasing interest on loans. A group of companies requires a lower credit limit than each company individually.
  • Increasing interest for the account balance. Swedbank, AB offers more favourable conditions for bigger amounts held on one account. For large amounts of funds, the parent company can conclude a one-night deposit agreement and automatically transfer all the funds on the accounts of the group of companies to this account.
  • More efficient control of management of the group’s funds. The parent company can set internal borrowing limits for borrowing between the group members, the interest for the use of the internal limits and the interest for a positive account balance.

Account statements of the company group

All statements of the company group accounts can be obtained via electronic channels, and only the parent company has access to them.

  • The account statement of the company group indicates the movement of funds of the company group collectively and of each company of the group individually within a set period of time.
  • Account balance statement indicates the consolidated average and long-term account balances of members of the company group within a certain period of time.
  • The statement of the account interest indicates positive and negative internal interest rates and interest set by the group members and calculated and/or payable within a set period of time.
  • Turnover statement of the company group indicates the turnover of the funds of the group members, the balance at the beginning and the end of the period is indicated according to the movement and balances of the funds on the group account or on the accounts of its members.

The statement can be submitted in the requested from, i.e. according to the systematised accounts of the group members (for example, income account, expenses account, salaries account, etc.).

How to open a company group account?

If you are interested in the company group account services, contact your corporate customer manager in the bank.

Account opening is free of charge for companies registered in Lithuania.

After account opening you can choose service plan to your business needs.


Business 10

Business 20

Business 50

Business 100

Monthly fee EUR 0 EUR 7 EUR 9 EUR 18 EUR 30
Minimum daily service fee including opening of a Bank account (except non-residents), management and closing of the account and administration of payments credited to the account in Euro
Contactless Business Debit Card Mastercard 1 card 1 card 1 card 2 cards 3 cards
Transfers in Euro ordered electronically No limits 10 transfers 20 transfers 50 transfers 100 transfers
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