Payment collection

New smart terminal + gift!

No matter what’s your business, there will always be someone who wants to pay by card!

Special offer! Order new smart terminal by 20.12.2018 and get a power bank as a gift.

  • Increased sales: the customer will not have to refuse from buying all or part of the goods due to the lack of cash
  • Card payments are safer: lower risk of burglary, theft, fraud, false money and human error
  • Less cash: less worries and lower costs compared to the administration cash; effective crediting of money
  • Higher efficiency: more attention to the customer and other tasks rather than spending time on counting money and change.

By accepting card payments you will increase the efficiency of your business.

To get the power bank as a gift, order the smart terminal between 22.10.2018 and 20.12.2018, and sign the agreement for card acceptance by 24.12.2018.

New smart terminal + gift!

Order new smart terminal by 09.12.2018 and get a power bank as a gift.

Special offer

Smart terminal

Renewed smart device + gift!

Smart terminal

Special offer

Smart terminal

  • One time smart card reader acquisition fee EUR 104 (excluding VAT);
  • The commission fee on the amount of a purchase by payment card is 0.99 % + € 0.01 (regular fee: 1.49 % + € 0.01) per each transaction; *
  • Intended for small businesses and persons conducting individual business activities (soul proprietors);
  • Suitable in cases when there is no permanent service provision outlet and for movable seasonal or irregular trade;
  • Works with a smartphone or tablet which uses Android and iOS;
  • Very small and light, therefore, convenient to carry;
  • Recommended for up to 15 transactions per day as no monthly rental fees are applied;
  • Paperless – receipts are sent via email or by SMS;
  • Due to latest technologies employed, you will be able to safely accept payments by both conventional and contactless cards.

* To all types of cards, the indicated commission fees will be detailed when signing an agreement according to a more detailed segmentation of card groups as required by the applicable legal acts (such segmentation has no effect on the size of the commission fee).
The offer can be taken up by the customers who sign a new agreement on the provision of payment by card service till 30th September 2019 and for payments by cards for those who use the “Swedbank” smart card terminal. Discount on the commission fee is given as long as the signed agreement is in effect (the agreement is of indefinite duration).


Stationary terminal

  • Intended for small and medium-sized businesses doing sales or providing services;
  • Mostly suitable when having permanent trading places and when customers pay at the till;
  • Power supply and Internet access is required (can be either fixed or mobile Internet access);
  • Can be equipped with a pinpad for the convenience of both customers and the merchant;
  • Used when there is neither technical feasibility (simple cash register system) nor need to integrate card terminal to the cash register system;
  • In case of renting the card reader from Swedbank, it will be prepared for operation and installed at your outlet by Swedbank‘s partner;
  • A monthly terminal rental fee applies.


Portable terminal

  • Intended for merchants of various sizes;
  • Suitable in cases when there is no permanent service provision outlet and for movable trade;
  • More convenient for your customers: the customer can pay at the place of service (e. g. in cafes and restaurants, home delivery by courier) rather than at the till;
  • Equipped with battery, therefore, only mobile Internet is needed;
  • Can be used anywhere where mobile communications are operative;
  • In case of renting the terminal from Swedbank, we will provide it together with a mobile SIM card, and it will be prepared for operation and installed at your outlet by Swedbank‘s partner;
  • A monthly card terminal rental fee applies.


Integrated with electronic cash register system

  • Intended for merchants that service large numbers of customers, where there are queues and the sales outlet has many tills, i. e. speed of service is critical;
  • Suitable for businesses that use computerised cash register systems to which card terminals can be integrated;
  • Service time savings and reduced human error as the amount payable is transmitted directly from the cash register system to the card terminal and back;
  • A integrated terminal solution meeting your needs can be rented directly from one of the payments solution service providers

For more information about the integrated POS solutions please approach the service providers supplying the card terminals certified by Swedbank. Click here for the list of Swedbank‘s partners.

Payment cards servicing is a bank service enabling merchants to accept card payments for goods or services with the help of electronic card reader (card terminals).

Swedbank offers card payment service solutions for most business sectors depending on specific needs and types of activities.

  • Card payments can be accepted by any legal person or a natural person engaged in individual registered business or working under a business licence.
  • You don't need to conclude a long-term agreement if your activity is seasonal or You need to accept card payments only during an exhibition.
  • Why accepting card payments is beneficial for your business?

  • How card payments work?

  • How to start using the service?

  • What fees are charged for the card payment service?

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