Payment cards servicing

Accept card payments in your store or on the move!

  • Give more payment options to your customers
  • Receive money in your account already the next morning, including weekends and public holidays
  • Add additional POS terminal to new outlet fully digitally
  • Save on cash handling and stay safe by not dealing with cash

Start-ups can get a card payment terminal for 6 months for free

A special offer for a POS terminal rental fee!

We aim at providing all services as quickly as possible; however, device acquisition might take longer than usual due to a particularly high demand for smart POS terminals. We invite you to have a look at the POS terminals rented by the bank.

Find the right terminal for your business

Smart terminal Stationary terminal Portable terminal Integrated cash register systems
Transaction volumes <25 /day 25+ /day 25+ /day 50+ /day
Point of sale location mobile or fixed location fixed location mobile or fixed location fixed location
Technical requirements Smart device (iOS or Android) with Internet and Bluetooth connection Internet cable or SIM card with mobile internet connection SIM card with mobile internet connection Individual
Terminal price, transaction fee 104 EUR + VAT
1.49% per transaction (min 0.01 EUR)
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Accepting card payments in point of sale

It is a bank service enabling merchants to accept card payments for goods or services via card terminal. Swedbank offers card payment solutions for most business sectors depending on their needs and point of sale specifics.
See how card payments work

Increase sales & customer loyalty
  • Customers will not be limited by the amount of cash in their wallet
  • Card payments are quick and convenient for you and your clients
  • Customers who are satisfied with available payment methods tend to return
  • Also foreign tourists tend to prefer paying by card
Increased efficiency
  • Paying by card is not only popular, but is also the fastest way to pay on the market
  • Employees save time – more attention to the customer rather than to counting money and change
  • Fast accepted payments settlement to your account
More safety for your business
  • Fewer human mistakes (unintentional or intentional) means lower risk of financial losses
  • Cashless payments mean less worries about cash handling and it’s storage
  • Less cash in the till means lower risk of theft, fraud and counterfeit money

POS Terminal Features

  • Contactless payments - the fastest way to pay for purchases

  • Cash-back – cash withdrawal service for your customers

  • Accept UnionPay cards

  • Accepting American Express card payments