Bank link

Reduce payment path to your customers

  • A convenient way of payment on your website.
  • Solution for purchasing on mobile devices.
  • The ability to securely accept online payments and identify customers.
Convenient and reliable
  • For payment performance, a payment form is automatically generated in a safe channel, i.e. “Swedbank” Internet bank.
  • Your clients will not have to enter the payment data, but only to confirm the payment.
  • The payment environment will be adjusted to the client’s device.
Simple and fast
  • The bank will immediately inform you about the successful payment – you will not have to wait and search for payment confirmations in account statements and you will be able to perform the client’s orders faster.
  • Money will be transferred to your company’s account immediately from the confirmation of the client's payment.

How does Bank link work?

  1. The client selects goods or services designating “Swedbank” Internet bank as the method of payment.
  2. Information about the purchase and vendor is automatically sent to “Swedbank”. The system automatically generates a payment order for the client.
  3. The client enters the Internet bank user passwords and confirms the payment order.
  4. “Swedbank” notifies the vendor of goods/supplier of services about the payment.

Possibility to identify the client

The Bank link service enables to choose payments and client identification. During the client identification in “Swedbank” Internet bank, the bank confirms the authenticity of the client’s personal number and name. You may choose whether you want to use these services separately or combined.

Mobile Bank link payments made in one click!

When your clients’ payments do not reach EUR 30, they will be able to perform payments without logging in to the Internet bank and using safe payment confirmation tools. After selecting goods and services and choosing “Swedbank” for payment, the client will be immediately directed to the payment form, which he will have to confirm with one click.

Conditions for fast payment:

  • Your company has to have “Swedbank” Bank link payment system installed, and your client (payer) has to have the “Swedbank” mobile application on his mobile device.
  • If it is the first time the client purchases from your company, the payment must be confirmed with safe payment confirmation tools, but these tools are not required for the second purchase below EUR 30.
  • If total monthly amount of payments exceeds EUR 150, the payment must be confirmed with safe payment confirmation tools.

Useful information