All the amounts indicated here in litas can be converted into euros (and amounts in euros converted into litas) while using this calculator (official rate 1 EUR = 3.45280 LTL).

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Swedbank: the majority of Lithuanian companies and residents have already started preparing for the euro adoption

With less than a quarter remaining until the euro adoption, residents are becoming increasingly more interested in the changeover to the new currency – 82 % of the country’s residents have already started preparing for the euro adoption. In the [...]
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Swedbank Lithuania Q2 2014 financial results

Swedbank Lithuania’s profit for H1 2014 amounted to LTL 195m against LTL 188m for the same period last year (up 3 per cent). The increase was mainly due to higher income which compensated for a slight growth in expenses. Events in Russia and [...]
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Make the euro move - it is simple
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