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Swedbank Electronic Banking Programme for Business Clients

Swedbank Electronic Banking Programme for Business Clients: what does it mean?

It is a simple and secure software operating under the Electronic Account Handling Agreement and enabling its users to perform Bank transactions and receive the necessary information to the workstation. For running this software, a separate database must be installed in your computer or database. The software is supported by all Windows operational systems.

Swedbank Electronic Banking Programme for Business Clients enables you to:

  • Make local and international payments;
  • Make a set of payments (convenient for transfers of remunerations);
  • Send approved (authenticated) texts: notices or letters to the Bank;
  • Carry out debit payments;
  • Send and receive e-invoices;
  • Get information on the FX rates established by the Bank of Lithuania and Swedbank;
  • Perform FX operations;
  • Receive information about the balance of account and statements of account for the chosen period;
  • Receive information about the incoming international transfers from other banks, etc.

Why is it convenient to use?

  • A more efficient time management tool i.e., you don't have to print payment orders and visit the Bank;
  • A commission fee for payment orders via Electronic Banking Programme are much lower than those applied by branches;
  • It is simple and convenient to operate: all operations are performed by pressing just one or two keys;
  • The software Electronic Banking Programme may exchange data with your Company's accounting or finance handling software: you have to enter payment orders into the accounting system, then load them into Electronic Banking Programme , approve the loaded payments and send them to the Bank: it is very efficient and secure.


  • The Programme uses a system of user rights and digital signatures created on the basis of the so-called "public key" principle;
  • All information send to and received from Swedbank is classified using modern encryption technologies;
  • Communication with the Bank is maintained until you transfer and receive the prepared documents. Subequently the operation is continued even when disconnected from the external network, i.e. in an off-line environment;
  • Before signing the Electronic Banking Programme Service Agreement with Swedbank, local and international payment limits are to be selected first. Following the receipt of your instruction the Bank will always check whether the limits are exceeded or not. If the amount to be transferred exceeds the maximum operational limit, the Bank's employee will contact you by phone and inquire whether you approve such a payment. It is the usual practice to prevent potential mistakes.

How to become a user?

  • Visit the nearest Swedbank branch and sign the Swedbank Electronic Banking Programme for Business Clients Service Agreement;
  • Prior to signing the Agreement we will ask you to select a price package (Price Package 1 or Price Package 2) and determine the limits of the planned operations;
  • To become a Swedbank Electronic Banking Programme for Business Clients user you need an account with Swedbank. If you do not have one, we will open it free of charge;
  • Digital Signature agreement should also be concluded.
  • If you need any support when acquiring Electronic Banking Programme, please inform your account manager and the skilled staff of Swedbank will help you to install the Electronic Banking Programme software and teach you and your Company's staff how to use it;

User Information

Update the address of new bank‘s head office by downloading the file.
Please, download this file and save it in the root directory ...\Telehansa PB (for example, C:\Program Files\Telehansa PB).

  • You may download the Swedbank Electronic Banking Programme for Business Clients User's Manual in the Adobe Acrobat PDF format here;
  • Data import / export structure.
  • Swedbank Electronic Banking Programme for Business Clients 8.2.00 setup.

Please, check your current version of the Electronic Banking Programme software (menu Help/About) and download the corresponding upgrade file.

Please, download this update and save it in...\Telehansa PB\Temp directory (for example, C:\Program Files\Telehansa PB\Temp).

More detailed information on Swedbank Electronic Banking Programme for Business Clients is available by phone +3705 268 44 44 or by e-mail

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