Strategic positioning

Swedbank's purpose is to promote a financially sound and sustainable situation for the many households and businesses. This will be done by proactively advising and educating customers, as well as working in various ways to encourage a healthy economic situation for the society at large.

Swedbank is a bank for the many, an inclusive rather than an exclusive bank and the core business serves a large spectrum of individuals as well as companies. Swedbank believes in a traditional banking model focused on close customer relationships and advisory services. Such model is best suited to deliver on the bank's purpose. The focus is customer needs, not on the bank's products. 

Large customer bases, business volumes and well-organised processes enhance cost efficiency in the bank. All business operations are managed locally with decentralised decision-making as close to customers as possible.

Swedbank will maintain a well-balanced risk level, through a vast majority of exposures in mature markets, such as Sweden. Risk diversification is also achieved through a broad base of customers and businesses active in different industries. Customers' cash flow, solvency and collateral shall always be the cornerstones of sensible lending.

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