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We seek to develop a long-term successful business and strengthen the positive role in society through continuous reinforcement of corporate social responsibility.
The Swedbank Group policy on Corporate Social Responsibility was enacted in January 2008 and is now applied in the Swedbank Group at large.
More information about corporate social responsibility and the Swedbank Group is available at: www.swedbank.com.

Community involvement in Lithuania

In order to contribute to the development of the Lithuanian society Swedbank has been an active participant in cultural, educational, sport and social projects.

Focus on educational activities

We are confident in our belief that innovative initiatives and educated people are able to pave the way to the future therefore we have always been devoting considerable attention to education of children and youth.

We encourage children to start learning from early days in order to be able to address their daily financial matters independently. Since 1997 we have been inviting children to join the annual Piggy-bank contest organised by the Bank.

Swedbank is also involved in several projects for schoolchildren. The Project "Drąsinkime ateitį" (Let's encourage the future) is aimed at enhancing the motivation of youth in Lithuania by setting a personal example and encouraging them to achieve their goals. In cooperation with our public partner, the organisation Lithuanian Junior Achievement we have been implementing the initiatives to promote entrepreneurship and economic education among youth. In 2007, in order to contribute to the education of talented Lithuanian schoolchildren, the Bank became the major sponsor of the National Student Academy, which provides additional educational opportunities for gifted schoolchildren.

The National Award of Advancement is the flagship project uniting the efforts of Swedbank to contribute to the development of education in Lithuania. The Award was launched in 2006 in concert with LNK TV channel and Vilnius University. The aim of the three annual awards in the areas of Science, Partnership and Culture is to recognise and reward those individuals whose contribution to the progress in Lithuania is the largest, to develop long-term relationship between scientific and business community, and to encourage business to participate in the intellectual, cultural and social development of Lithuania. The project designated by local media as the Nobel Prize of Lithuania is strongly supported by the Lithuanian community.

This is a brief summary of what you can find under the heading of Social responsibility and support at www.swedbank.lt. For more information about corporate social responsibility and community involvement in the Swedbank Group, please, visit www.swedbank.com or write us a message.


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