How to log in internet bank

Strengthening the security of code cards

“Minimum security requirements for online payments” adopted by the Bank of Lithuania shall come into force in 2016. It will be required to enter additional security code received by SMS message when performing certain actions with code card in “Swedbank” Internet Bank and mobile application.
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As a internet bank user, you have a plastic codes card, permanent password and a user ID issued by Swedbank. The data contained in these security tools are necessary for every session of logging in the Bank's internet bank.

If you have not yet received such login codes, visit Swedbank office and enter into electronic service agreement. Do not forget to take your passport with you.

1st step

In the internet address field, type in and press Enter.

2nd step

  1. Type in your User ID;
  2. Type in your Permanent password*;
  3. Press Login.

* Note: if you use generator of identification codes, type in the code generated by your generator instead of the permanent password and you access internet bank in a matter of seconds.

3rd step

  1. Type in your a code from your codes card (i.e. a code number standing opposite the word "Password").
  2. Press Login.

Welcome at our internet bank!

4th step

When you log in for the first time, you are asked to change your permanent password. To do it, follow this procedure:

  1. Enter your permanent password.
  2. Think up and type in a new permanent password.
  3. Re-enter the new permanent password.
  4. Click on Approve changes and your old password will be replaced with the new one.

DO NOT FORGET your new password! From now on, all login sessions will require the entering of the new password. For your transactions security, internet bank program will ask you to change the permanent password time and again.

1st step

What do you need to log in to the Swedbank Internet bank using an ID card:

2nd step

3rd step

  • You will immediately access the Internet bank environment for private clients – this is shown by an active tab "Private clients" above the menu.

4th step

  • Select the "ID card" login type.
  • Enter your user ID – it is indicated in your e-service contract.
  • Click "Log in".
  • In some browsers an additional window can pop-up, in which a certificate called "National Certification Center" should be selected.

5th step

  • In the pop-up window, enter your ID card's 8-digit pin code which you received in a paper envelope together with the ID card. The view of the pop-up window where the pin code should be entered can differ depending on the browser.
  • If login with an ID card to the Internet bank was not successful, we recommend to pull out the ID card from the card reader, restart the browser, put in the ID card to the card reader and try to log in again.
  • IMPORTANT! After finishing your work, do not forget to log out from the Internet bank and close the browser window.

Should you have any questions or need our advice on operation of interneto bankas internet bank, call at 1884 or write us a message.

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