VIP Visa Platinum card

This card is not issued from 2017.04.06. Previously issued cards will still be renewed and replaced in case of card loss or by customer request.

Card terms and rates1 Fee, EUR
Card issuance free of charge
Card validity 3 years
Card administration fee2 EUR 160.74 per year
Assigning a credit limit
Annual interest on credit 9 percent
Credit limit from EUR 2.000 to the amount of four monthly net income3
Credit grace period (Free-of-charge credit maturity)4 till 10th of next month
Replacing a card if it has been lost, the cardholder forgot the PIN or upon cardholder's request (before the card expires) free of charge
Using the card to pay for purchases and services free of charge
Payment of bills at Swedbank ATMs across Lithuania free of charge
Withdrawing cash at ATMs of Swedbank and other banks (in Lithuania and abroad), at other places where available 2 percent, a minimum of EUR 2.03
Depositing cash to the card account at Swedbank ATMs that accept cash free of charge
Changing PIN at Swedbank ATMs across Lithuania free of charge
Obtaining a receipt in case of payment in Lithuania5 free of charge
Obtaining original receipt in case of payment abroad5 free of charge
Blocking a lost card free of charge
Personal travel planning service free of charge
Priority Pass card
- Issuing
- One-time visit fee to the airport VIP lounge (for each person)

free of charge
USD 27
Total permitted daily amount of payment for purchases and services EUR 17 400
Total permitted daily withdrawal amount EUR 2 900
Total permitted daily ATM payment amount EUR 2 900
Security Programme
Security Programme fee free of charge
Period of compensation of losses prior to the time of notice of blocking the card 24 hours
Maximum amount that shall not be compensated for the customer EUR 28.96
Maximum amount that shall be compensated for the customer total permitted daily amount of payment for purchases and services
Travel insurance cover and benefits6
Medical cost insurance EUR 85 000
Accident insurance EUR 30 000
Third-party liability and legal cost insurance EUR 100 000
Legal costs EUR 1 000
Bail EUR 3 000
Luggage and trip delay EUR 500
Loss of luggage EUR 1 000
Cancellation of trip EUR 2 000
Interruption of trip EUR 2 000
Missing the means of transport EUR 1 000

The bank’s established service and operation fees will apply for operations on the credit account without using the credit card

1All fees are debited from the bank account unless established otherwise in the Fees and credit card agreement.
2First year fee is debited on 3rd month of card opening.
3To be established on an individual basis.
4Applies to credit funds that were used to pay for purchases with the credit card.
5The fee is debited from the bank account.
6Detailed information about insurance service terms and conditions submitted in the website of the bank and in the bank branches.

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