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Swedbank Baltics

Swedbank Baltics AS is a financial holding company, fully owned by Swedbank AB (publ) in Sweden. Swedbank Baltics AS is a parent of Swedbank subsidiary banks in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, and hence creating a Baltic sub-consolidation group, which is under the supervision of the European Central Bank.

Swedbank is the largest bank in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, with approximately 3.3 million private customers and approximately 282,000 corporate customers (as of September 2021).

Swedbank is always available through its digital and physical channels. Swedbank in Baltic countries is a part of the local community. Its local social commitment is expressed in many ways with initiatives to promote education, entrepreneurship, and sustainable society.

Swedbank Baltics Management

Jon Lidefelt

  • Head of Baltic Banking

Inga Skisaker

  • Head of Swedbank in Lithuania

Olavi Lepp

  • Head of Swedbank in Estonia

Kerstin Pilt

  • Chief Compliance Officer at Baltic Banking

Andres Tukk

  • Head of Baltic Banking Segment Management Private

Ieva Vīgante

  • Head of Corporate Segment Baltic Banking

Tiina Sepa

  • Head of Baltic Banking Legal

Linda Nyman

  • Head of Baltic Banking Human Resources

Rūta Kinderytė

  • Business Information Officer for Baltic Banking

Loreta Lapinskaitė

  • Head of Channel Management Baltic Banking

Kęstutis Vanagas

  • Head of Baltic Banking Communication & Marketing

Juris Bogdanovs

  • Head of Anti Financial Crime

Lauris Mencis

  • Chairman of the Board in Latvia

Petteri Nikkola

  • Chief Risk Officer
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From 23.03.2021 Swedbank Internet Bank and Banklink is no longer available using Internet Explorer browser.

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