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Swedbank Institute of Finances

The Institute of Finances is a part of Swedbank. The goal of the institute is to contribute to the well-being of the population by developing people’s financial literacy and entrepreneurial skills.

The Institute of Finances monitors, analyses and studies changes in the country’s economy and the financial situation of residents and small businesses. Its experts educate the public about the management of personal and/or small business finances, inform about the potential impact of different economic phenomena and decisions on the financial situation of households and small businesses, and provide practical knowledge for building real financial management skills.

Based on its analysis and research material, the institute publishes independent and objective personal finance advice for the public. Taking into account an assessment of the country’s situation and market tendencies as well as the bank’s activities and expertise, the Institute of Finances provides advice for entrepreneurs about how to start their own business, and how to manage and develop their finances. One of Swedbank’s objectives is to make the country’s small businesses stronger. The institute therefore strives to assist small businesses by providing them with knowledge, expanding their competencies and creating long-term value for small companies.

In 2018 the Swedbank Finance Laboratory has opened: it is a unique place for pupils and students helping them to familiarize with the major themes of economy and personal finance management in a smart and interesting way, to understand how the budget is planned, why it is important to save and what a responsible borrowing is. Everything is provided by using smart technology and playing interactive games.

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