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Head office

Swedbank’s Head Office

Swedbank’s head office is considered one of the most impressive buildings on the right bank of the river Neris. It has been a daily office space for around 1,000 employees comprising the bank’s administrative personnel since 2009. It is a frequent destination for our clients, partners and city residents, as there is a café and a terrace always accessible to the public. Besides, people are also welcome to attend certain events of the bank. Swedbank’s splendid terrace has become a popular location for various activities, meetings or dates of Vilnius residents. Every May, the walkway crossing the foot of the head office turns into one of the city’s major attractions when the sakura park set up there bursts with blossoms.

The complex of buildings consists of two higher interconnected buildings and a lower building facing the river. The buildings are cosy and convenient, with energy-saving and environmentally-friendly interior solutions. The upper floors offer a breath-taking panorama of Vilnius. For its customised solutions Swedbank’s head office has already received prestigious real estate and architecture awards.

In 2018-2019 a new building will be added to Swedbank’s list of offices: some of the bank’s branches will move to a new building constructed on the other side of Konstitucijos avenue, known as ‘The third Sail’ (‘Trečioji burė’). It is a modern building which will provide attractive conditions and office spaces for the bank’s personnel.

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