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Share your kindness with others!

There are many excellent ideas and initiatives that are waiting for some help from all of us. In cooperation with the first donation portal in Lithuania we introduce different social projects in “Swedbank" internet bank column “Donation environment”, seeking to create conditions for simple and safe donation in the internet bank.

Learn about the projects, share your kindness and contribute to making meaningful initiatives happen. Donate now and show that you care!

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How to donate: you will see the button “Donate” next to the description of each project. Click on this button to open the completed payment form where you will have to enter the donated amount and finish the payment transaction in usual manner. You will not be charged any fee for this payment order. If you prefer donating anonymously or want to get the project report by email, notify to the effect

Food Bank Charity and Support Fund

The Food Bank aims to ensure that no good food is thrown out or wasted and that food support reaches impoverished people. The organisation promotes responsible food consumption, rational nutrition, and resource efficiency. It calls for public solidarity in combating food waste, protecting the environment, and helping those in need. Conserve the environment and help preserve good food.


SOS Children’s Villages

SOS Children’s Villages is the largest family in Lithuania, one which takes care of 2,000 children every year. For 30 years, the organisation has been working to take care of a child in need in any situation, to help create a safe home and a loving family-like environment for children who have lost their parents, as well as to take care of each of their individual needs. Give children safety and love in SOS families.


The Social Recruitment Agency SOPA

Finding a job for a person with disabilities is not easy, due to the high demands of the labour market, prejudices and fears of employers or colleagues. The Social Recruitment Agency helps people with fewer opportunities to find a job and stay in the workplace. SOPA helps those who are excluded from the labour market to recover, inspires self-confidence, motivates and develops the necessary skills. Help create success stories.


Association RED NOSES Clown Doctors

Children in medical institutions often forget a normal childhood and endure not only physical pain and medical procedures but also intense emotional experiences. Clown doctors visit medical facilities to change the daily routine of the hospital and give the littlest patients moments of joy in difficult situations, providing emotional and psychosocial support with humour. Join the mission of joy in children’s hospitals.


Order of Malta volunteer service

Maltesers are an international volunteer community that provides aid to the elderly, children, young adults, people with disabilities, and war refugees. It is part of one of the oldest support organisations around the world − the Order of Malta − which has been operating in Lithuania for more than 30 years. The main goal is to help the poor and those in need here and now: old and young, local and foreign, healthy and sick. Each of us can offer a helping hand.


Lithuanian Red Cross Society

The Lithuanian Red Cross is the largest non-governmental organisation in Lithuania, inspired to be the first to help every person in distress. The organisation has been operating for 103 years and today has 15,000 volunteers who help lonely seniors and families facing disability issues, teach vulnerable people first aid skills, advise, and integrate migrants and refugees from third-world countries on a daily basis, and currently are providing humanitarian assistance to Ukrainians fleeing the war. Help us do good.

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