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There are many excellent ideas and initiatives that are waiting for some help from all of us. In cooperation with the first donation portal in Lithuania we introduce different social projects in “Swedbank" internet bank column “Donation environment”, seeking to create conditions for simple and safe donation in the internet bank.

Learn about the projects, share your kindness and contribute to making meaningful initiatives happen. Donate now and show that you care!

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How to donate: you will see the button “Donate” next to the description of each project. Click on this button to open the completed payment form where you will have to enter the donated amount and finish the payment transaction in usual manner. You will not be charged any fee for this payment order. If you prefer donating anonymously or want to get the project report by email, notify to the effect

"Nobody's Children": No Child Should Be Left in Hospital Alone

Many of us sometimes hear the stories about "nobody's children", i.e. orphans or children that have been taken from their families and left in hospitals without care. Sick, sad and left alone with their pain and fear. The "Nobody's Children" initiative seeks to change this situation and ensure that there is an adult with every abandoned child in the hospital, who can properly take care of the emotional state of the child.


Food On Wheels

The purpose of the project "Food On Wheels" is to provide food and social care for the one of the most vulnerable groups of Lithuanian society – lonely and destitute elderly people. The food that is delivered home for the money collected means much more than food, this is a warm message that the visited person is cared for, he/she is needed and that we all together are for ageing with dignity.


Conversation Can Save a Life. So Can You.

"Youth Line" is one of the biggest organizations providing free 24/7 emotional support by telephone and via the Internet. The organization operates since 1991 and the number of its volunteers in Vilnius, Kaunas and Klaipėda is 350. Since the very beginning, the volunteers have responded to more than 1 million calls. The purpose of this project is to ensure that emotional support by telephone and via the Internet is available to everyone.


Give Back the Joy of Movement for Children.

The goal of the project is to acquire a functional electrostimulation system that is installed in North American and European hospitals for rehabilitation of children and adults, who had a stroke, brain and spinal cord injuries or suffered from war. Innate or acquired lesions within the brain and spinal cord can often cause the arm, torso or leg muscles' paralysis.


Help Gifted and Talented Lithuanian Children

About 15 percent of children in any age group are extremely gifted and talented. The mission of the NMA is to provide these Lithuanian children, regardless of their place of residence or social and financial situation, an opportunity to receive education according to their skills and potential.


Fulfill Wishes of Fifth Legs' Together

We hear very different stories such as "hit by the car", "had been living in the streets", "starved near the doghouse", etc. Little puppies come not alone but in litters, not vaccinated, uncared-for and sometimes so little that they even can't eat on their own. Sadly, but the term "not vaccinated" can be applied to almost all of our dogs. Moreover, they often come ALREADY infected and vaccines, in this case, won't do any good.