Swedbank investicijų valdymas

Since its start in 1999, UAB Swedbank investicijų valdymas now holds the major share (about 40 percent) of the Lithuanian 2nd pillar pension fund market. Licence of Swedbank investicijų valdymas.

Managed Pillar II pension funds:

  • Life cycle pension funds: “Pension 1996–2002”, “Pension 1989–1995”, “Pension 1982–1988”, “Pension 1975–1981”, “Pension 1968–1974”, “Pension 1961–1967”;
  • Traditional pension funds: Pension 5, Pension 4, Pension 3, Pension 2, Pension 1, Pension Payout Fund.


The 100 percent holding of UAB Swedbank investicijų valdymas is owned by Swedbank Robur AB, and the entire 100 percent holding of Swedbank Robur AB belongs to Sweden-based bank Swedbank AB (public limited liability).

Handling of complaints