For youth

Take a new step in your career! You may likepractice or traineeship at “Swedbank”.

We want to watch people developing and growing together with “Swedbank”, thus it’s important for us to contribute to development of professionals both inside and outside the company. We are always waiting for students and young professionals who would like to take a new step in their career, to get to know our organization, its operation, culture, acquire high-level knowledge, skills and try out the planned professional career.

Practice provides students with a possibility to acquire real practical knowledge by learning from professionals in different areas. During the practice programme, we not only go into the substance of particular areas, for which the practice is carried out, but also provide with opportunities to participate in trainings, get to know experts from different areas, to get better acquainted with the organization, its employees and culture.

We arrange practice:

  • in the area of customer service;
  • in the area of analysis;
  • in the area of administration and document management;
  • in the area of marketing and communication;
  • in the IT area. For those students who are interested in IT, we offer exceptional practice programme – IT Academy@Swedbank. See here for more information on IT Akademija@Swedbank.

We arrange practice programme twice a year:

  • Winter practice programme: from February to May;
  • Summer practice programme: from June to August.

However, we can also look for opportunities of practice at time that is convenient for you:

  • We accept trainees based on bilateral and tripartite agreements;
  • Practice at “Swedbank” is not paid, but that’s a great experience to get better acquainted with yourself in a working environment and understand at which working tasks you truly excel.

Questions and answers

  • I am a second course student, can I do the practice at “Swedbank”?

  • What speciality students are you looking for?

  • What does trainee usually do during practice?

  • When is Trainee programme arranged?

  • What should I do if I want to do practice outside the programme period?

  • How to apply?